Café Rouge, Highgate, London, N6 6BP, 11 March 2016

Happy Friday, I am celebrating my beloved Friday with, of course, Fish and Chips.  Today, I am doing something slightly different, a British soul food, Fish and Chips at French (chain) bistro, Café Rouge.  One of my colleague told me she had one on Thursday night and and was mildly praising.  I must do (copy) this.  Conveniently, Voucher Codes sent me a voucher of 50% main courses at Café Rouge.  Yey!

Cafe Rouge Highgate, London

Wow, this is certainly different.  Poisson Frites.  Hake fillet in a beer & mustard batter with pea shoots, frites and tartar sauce.

£13 is top end of what I pay these days in pubs.  I went Café Rouge so many times in the past but never gave any attention to Poisson Frites.  But who does!?

Cafe Rouge Highgate, London

Fantastic first impression, love the big fish in golden batter.

Cafe Rouge Highgate, London

Ah, no mushy peas, but it is OK, this is French version, But is the naff grilled lemon French?

Cafe Rouge Highgate, London

Even bigger smile on my face. Hey fish skin on, well done mate!

  1. Fish 9/10.  Wow what a surprise.  Fish was slightly firm and dry but it is because the fish was hake, not because of the way of cooking.  Having skin on makes such a difference in terms of flavour.   It gives more depth together with hot crunchy golden batter, skin, and firm flesh when munching.  Not giving full mark only because I could not taste “mustard” in batter (though I could see mustard grains), what is the significance of having mustard in the batter.
  2. French fries 9/10. Delicious, crunchy AND already seasoned perfectly.  Not too salty but enough to bring out of the sweetness and warmth of potatoes.
  3. Pea shoots….sorry no score on pea shoots, what is the point of this? Yes I ate them, taste of weed… as Michel Roux Jr says at Master chef, don’t put anything on the plate which you cannot eat!

Overall 9/10 despite pea cock ups, you have made a massive impression to Fish and Chips critic.  Don’t ever underestimate French!  Even better, I had 50% off, costed me an impressive £6.50.  THANK YOU Café Rouge!

14. March 2016 by myprice
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