***Update! Café Rouge, Highgate, London, N6 6BP, 15 April 2016

Hello.  As I was so impressed with Café Rouge a few weeks ago, I decided to go back there to test their consistency.  Yes, consistency.  Again and again, I have been let down by many places.  But I have a high hope.  This is a national chain, surviving for so long, keep evolving since 1989, while their peers such as “Dome” disappearing (for those who remember!!).  And of course, as a savvy critic (my new nickname), I got a 50% off main course voucher again, thank you VoucherCodes.co.uk!  To test the true consistency, we went back to the same venue, Highgate.

Cafe Rouge Highgate London

The same menu, all I needed to do was to check it is there.

Hooray, Poisson Frites for £6.50 (£13 full price, at the time of ordering, they did not know we will submit the voucher at the end, hehehe).

Cafe Rouge Highgate London

Here we are! Fish looks slightly “inflated”,  suggesting cooked in too high temperature.

Cafe Rouge Highgate London

Grilled naff lemon was the same.

Cafe Rouge Highgate London

Pommes Frites found under Poisson Frites.

Quite frankly, I remember my disappointment at first bite.  Overall it felt greasy.  I am afraid this is all I can say, I am being honest here, because I have forgotten small details by now!

BTW, can somebody tell me, is anybody actually pay full billing price in Café Rouge?

I certainly will be back to try again, and to report straight away, with some sort of voucher firmly on my hand.

02. May 2016 by myprice
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