THE DIGNITY, Finchley Central, London, N3 1DH, 20 March 2015

Finally Friday, it has been a long week, but here we are at THE DIGNITY, time for cold ones!  Previously you gave us a fine fish and chips (scored 7/10).  Expectation is high!

dignity finchley n3

Crispy Becks Vier!

I am sure you served Amstel before, if I am really honest, Becks Vier is probably my least favourite among major 4% lagers, as it is slightly too clean taste for my liking.

dignity finchley n3


OH, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Et tū, Brūte?

No fish and chips, instead, american style burger, fried chicken, etc.

This is a significant national concern (probably the second importance after NHS crisis), I am expecting a massive debate between all party leaders prior to May, the general election.

Stay tuned folks! let’s find out what they have to say.

Good night!

22. March 2015 by myprice
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