FISH WORKS, Piccadilly, London, W1B 4DE, 28 August 2015

I am having an another fish and chips, three weeks in a low, this is remarkable.  This was not a plan but I could not resist after a few pints in a pub, but this time a bit different, we are at FISH WORKS, Piccadilly.

Having wine for change, posh me!

“Lyme Bay cider battered prime cod fillet with double cooked chips, Cornish sea salt, minted mushy peas and fresh gherkins and baby capers tartare £14.95″…..MMM, this is the most expensive Fish and Chips I have ever ever came across…..

Fishworks Swallow St London W1

I did not know what to expect with a price tag of£14.95.  It is worth mentioning that the bucket holding chips was ceramic, not an ordinary enamel pot.  I repeat, a ceramic pot….

Fishworks Swallow St London W1

Not a traditional presentation, very “vertical”.

  1. Fish 8/10. Delicious.  Firm but not hard, flavoursome, moist but not watery.  Batter is thin, it is not what we know in terms of fish and chips batter… difficult to explain but I felt I cannot call this fish of “fish and chips”.  I hope it make sense.  Shame they took skin off.
  2. Chips 10/10.  Delicious.  Double cooked is definitely better than triple cooked which tends to go too hard.  This was crunchy outside but fluffy inside.  What “wowed” me was, when I picked up a few left over chips later on when they went completely cold, it was still just as delicious.  Well done!
  3. Mushy peas 8/10.  Delicious but slightly too buttery and also this was not mushy but pureed!!!!

Overall a fantastic 9/10 for Fish Works.  However, a big however.  With service charge (included in the bill), this was a very expensive fish and chips.  I will go on a riot if this was not good.  Will I be happy to pay £14.95 + service charge for fish and chips? Probably not.  I paid as a part of my study.

My journey continue….

05. September 2015 by myprice
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