lure fish kitchen, Dartmouth Park, London, NW5 1DJ, 12 May 2022

I am excited, numbers of times I walk past this little cosy place, I always wanted to go there but never actually did.  We all have places like this don’t we?  Then we just have to do it!  Good evening from the lure fish kitchen, Dartmouth Park/Tufnell Park/Archway.


A credible source informed me that currently London pubs are short of Camden Hells – apparently the Brewery sold all current stock to the Weatherspoon – really?!?!?

Cameden Hells Beer battered haddock/cod £9.95!  Yo! I love the price – but then soon realised I had to order chips (Fresh cut, triple cooked chips) £4.25 and crushed minted garden peas £3.50 -> Fish and chips total at £17.70 -> Ok, fair enough!

Chips came! Quick! Nice! Hot!

Then wait wait wait wait – it was hard not to start chips – I am waiting for the fish!

Finally! First impression – small!

Here comes peas – first impression – Massive!

Fish : 8/10  Of course, very well executed, simple batter but this is special, simple, crunchy texture, minimum seasoning meant  I can taste lovely juicy fish – beautiful browny/golden colour – surely from Camden hell! Minus 2 points for the slightly disappointed portion size.

Chips: 8/10 Fresh! Definitely triple cooked!  Great portion size.  Minus 2 points for arriving too early

Peas 8/10 Fresh! minty and refreshing – Minus 2 points for too big portion – this is £3.50, It would be better to offer £1.00 for just under 30% of this portion.  I often complain “I could do more” on mushy peas.  But lesson learnt, too much is just as or worse than too little. – as I was eating, first felt minty and refreshing becoming sicking, minty taste annoying to my throat.

Overall great effort – what can I say – it is a hard time to be fish and chips critic.  I am so so aware of price rises on all angle – right, left, center – massively aggravated by the war.  According to a credible source (i.e., radio), there is a serious risk of up to 30% of fish and chips shop to be closed due to the price rises including vegetable oils – hard times!

Good night!


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Morpeth Arms, near Tate Britain, London, SW1P 4RW, 06 May 2022

I am eating fish and chips in unprecedented pace recently – I guess I cannot believe the rate of inflation affecting our fish and chips in various ways – yes of course, eye watering price rise but also eye watering ‘portion shrinking’.   How about tonight?  Let’s try Morpeth Arms, near Tate Britain.  Outside is heaving with people enjoying warm spring evening.Morpeth Arms

Beer battered cod, young’s beer battered cod, triple cooked chips, mushy peas & tartar sauce – £19….. this is now standard.  Website states £17.50 today – Inflation progresses so quickly unable for the website to catch up!

My thumb are flat – first impression – small!

Morpeth Arms

Fish 5/10 – Fairly thick flesh with skin on but small.  Lovely batter texture – but not seasoned well. Reminds me old time – salt pepper please by yourself! – but for me it’s not good enough – chefs need to show us their palate

Chips 4/10 – Even in this photo you can see – not enough.  I counted.  There were 11 chips. Nothing special in itself too.

Mushy peas – 4/10 As chips, small portion and nothing special.

How hard it is for the hospitality sector – they need to survive but they need to please us.  Annually we spend £1.2 billion on fish and chips – even if we spend this much this year, due to shrinking portion we won’t be satisfied.  Furthermore, 40% of fish we have for fish and chips is coming from Russia – what are we going to do?!?!?

Good night!!!

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The Founder’s Arms, near Tate Modern, London SE1 9JH, 01 May 2022

I want eat good Fish and chips!  How about in here?!?  We are at the Founder’s Arms, near Tate Modern.  I was here not long ago.

The Founders Arms Southbank LondonGreat first impression after a few recent disappointment.  But not completely thumbs up – thumb flat – as we are paying £19.00!!!!!   In November we paid £17.50.  8% up in 5 months.  But the world has changed since.

The Founders Arms Southbank London

Fish 8/10 –  Big, thick flesh, cooked well but not dried, juicy – enjoyed every mouthful juicy flesh and crunchy batter married in my mouth

Chips 8/10 – Again, well cooked, seasoned well with simple salt.  Great portion.  Crunchy outside, fluffy inside

Mushy peas 6/10 – nothing special but I could do more

Phew – after a few disappointment, I was left satisfied – but but – £19, I do understand challenges of the hospitality sector – this is survival.  As a customer, we have to ask ourselves – what price we are happy to pay? What are we looking for?  I probably will be happy with smaller portion, lower price but good execution.

I will continue eating fish and chips – then I will keep asking above questions to myself,

Good night!

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The Angel Inn, Highgate, London N6 5JT, 29 April 2022

Let’s celebrate the start of the bank holiday with Fish and chips, we are atThe Angel Inn,Highgate.

The Angel Inn Highgate London

Some pubs around the area were packed, here, we did not have any problem getting the table.  Also offering Fish and chips, Pale Ale-Battered Atlantic Cod & Triple-cooked chips, minted crushed peas, homemade tartar sauce at friendly price of £15 – these days £15 is an attractive pricing point.

The Angel Inn Highgate London

The Angel Inn Highgate London

Waiting, waiting and waiting.  Finally arrived, oooooohhh this is not good – it may be difficult to see on this photo – but first impression – POOR!

Fish 2/15 – Very thin flesh of fish, no flavour.  This must be the last piece of fish left in the kitchen.  Hard batter, this thin fish flesh is completely overcooked and dried

Chips 3/15 – Triple cooked chips?  I don’t see any evidence.

Minted crushed peas 5/10 – mediocre

Yes £15 is probably a good price at moment – but, I don’t see any justification of  this –

Good night!

Portobello Road Take away

Next day – had fish and chips meal from the food stand at the Portobello market – £9 including a can of drink – a long wait but –  this was delicious !!!  I will definitely go back there again!!

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The Bull & Last, Kentish Town/Highgate, London NW1 1QS, 7 April 2022

Hello hello hello – cannot wait for the warm weather, keep our head down – have fish and chips, here we are at the Bull & Last, Kentish Town/Highgate, London.  Let’s crack on – Beer Battered Haddock, Triple Cooked Chips, Tartare Sauce, Mushy Peas £18.  OHHHHHHHH…
Good first impression – at least great portion size – bur £18…
How about chips – does not look a lot….
Yes its a lot! this metal bucket is deeper than it looks!

Fish :5/10    Mmmmm….great big piece of flesh but ahhh  – watery, too soft, almost mushy texture, batter too greasy- they leave very unpleasant feel in the mouth while munching – watery fish and greasy batter are not a good marriage.

Chips :4/10 Triple too much cooked – very disappointing, too hard in outside and when munching, triple cooked too much meant not leaving fluffiness of potatoes inside – also not seasoned – satisfactory portion

Mushy peas :4/10 crushed fresh peas, not mushy enough felt quite stringy in texture, nice bright colour gives great accent on the dish

Overall a bit disappointing 4/10, for £18 – at least not cutting portion size – but definitely need improvement if you want to charge £18.

good night!

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Doggett’s Coat and Badge, South Bank, London SE1 9UD, 1 April 2022

How I had never been here!?!?  Amazing view of beautiful twilight at Doggett’s Coat and Badge, South Bank on the Thames.

Let’s crack on with Fish and Chips – Nicholson’s Fish & Chips – Haddock hand-battered in Nicholson’s Pale Ale, served with triple-cooked chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce £15.25. – this felt so reasonable in this age of cost of living crisis era.

It’s difficult to see on those photos –  but the first impression was – small portion.

Fish : 7/10 executed well batter was crunchy but fish flesh was thinner than I am used to.

Chips: 7/10 Again, executed well but I did not feel what is “triple cooked” part of them.  Also I probably had 12 chips – could do more

Mushy peas 6/10 Nothing special but nothing wrong with them

Overall satisfactory – I was impressed, this is one way to keep cost down – to reduce portion sizes, but who can blame them? We all need to survive.  Good night!


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The Woolpack, Bermondsey, London SE1 3UB, 26 March 2022

Yo, enjoying spring days in Bermondsey, London, time for a pint and fish and chips at the Woolpack, Bermondsey.

Time for Fish and chips – Fish.Chips.Mushy peas. Tartar sauce £17…… Previously visited in October 22, I was not overly impressed with price tag of £16.  Inflation busting 6% increase in 5 months! 

Exactly same presentation 5 months ago

  1. Fish 8/10 – Massive improvement from previous visit – great marriage between fish and crunchy batter.  Served piping hot, this appropriate thickness of  crunchy batter was mixed well with flavour of the fish in my mouth – Heaven!
  2. Chips 7/10 – Well excited simple chips well seasoned with salt
  3. Mushy peas 5/10 – simple but pleasant, give me more!  Surely, give us more mushy peas should not affect your profit!

What can I say? Cost of living crisis everywhere – I do feel for the business – Thank you Woolpack,  I did enjoy the fish and chips tonight.

Finally – this is not me, one of my companion of the evening – this is the worst example of how you eat fish and chips.  If you cannot eat all, eat half but not “decompose”.   How do you enjoy the beautiful “marriage” of the batter and fish otherwise!!!!

Good night!

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The Tally Ho, North Finchley, London N12 0BP, 5 March 2022

Yo, I am craving for a fish and chips – so here we are at the Tally Ho, North Finchley.

Menu clearly states Hand-battered Cod and Chips £8.49

Great price – amazing in fact, considering the current cost of living crisis – then at the time ordering, we were informed this is now not cod but POLLOCK.  Pollock is of course known for a cheaper alternative to the cod – well at least we were informed.

First impression – PALE foods on the plate

Notably big proportion of mashy peas

  1. Fish – 2/10  If I am being honest, fish itself is actually absolutely fine – I have no issue with Pollock – however execution is extremly poor – batter is pale – felt undercooked, soggy, too thick
  2. Chips 2/10  Each piece of chips is small, and reminds me “edge” – slightly soggy and cold and the portion is small
  3. Mushy peas – 2/10 When I took the first bite, I was not sure what to make of them – the texture is  mushy- but there is no “intention” but almost like they became mushy by mistake – some bitter taste not sure where this come from…

Over all 2/10 – but what can I say? we ordered 2 fish and chips – unlike showing the menu (£8.49) it was £7.49 per dish.  Then they gave us discount of £5.49 for buying 2.  This make it £4.75 per dish….

Lesson learnt, when I crave for a fish and chips, I won’t come here – but fully acknowledge that they do what they have to do to accommodate challenges the hospitality sector facing at moment and for the foreseeable future.

Good night!

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The Lock Tavern, Camden Town, London NW1 8AJ, 13 January 2022

A happy new year to you all! A year of the Tiger! Here we are at the Lock Tavern, Camden Town. After all those years, there still is something exciting about going out on school nights!   This pub is a part of the East London Pub Co.

Not dry January, Wet January for me

Even more exciting being here is their own “Eat out to help out” in their selected pubs.  I was emailed with the statement “Cure those January blues with 50% off food” – I gotcha!

The Lock Pub Camden London

Camden Pale Beer Battered Fish & Chips home made tartar sauce, minted peas £14 – 50% + service

The Lock Pub Camden London

First impression – Not overly keen on being served on this square enamel tray

The Lock Pub Camden London

Piping hot!!!

  1. Fish : 8/10 Delicious! Thick flesh was juicy – perfectly “not overcooked”, soft flesh gently fall apart in my mouth while hot batter was crunchy – great marriage of 2 textures.  Only minor point – Could not see the significance of “camden pale beer battered”
  2. Chips : 7/10 They are not chips, they are fries.  But there were lots and seasoned perfect to my liking, very very satisfactory
  3. Minted peas: 8/10 Delicious! Smooth puree like texture, beautiful green colour is the great accent to this “brown dish”, very battery – guilty pleasure!  Give me more!

I so enjoyed them, piping hot fresh fish and chips in the cold dark January night, my stomach was warm, my body was warm – made me so content – very very comfort.  And it’s 50% off – but we are helping !

Now writing this – my mouth is becoming watery – Thank you Lock Tavern!

Good night!

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The Founder’s Arms, near Tate Modern, London SE1 9JH, 30 November 2021

Something exciting about being out on a school night, we are here at The Founder’s Arms, near Tate modern, over looking St. Pauls cathedral on Tuesday night.  Omicron variant looming above our head, the possibility of NOT able to go ahead with Christmas party is becoming real prospect for the nation. However, tonight, the pub is heaving.

Young’s beer battered cod, chips, mushy peas, tartar sauce £17.50

  1. Fish 6/10 : Simple beer battered, well cooked and seasoned simply with salt which was perfect to my taste.  Simple salt brings the flavour of the batter and cod.  Thickness of the flesh is also felt rich enough but not too much.  This piece of fish could rest in a basket for a few more minutes to drain excess oil before serving.  The paper showing here was covered by oil.  Shame as the should be crunchy texture of the batter at the bottom side of the fish was completely lost.
  2. Chips 5/10 : Well seasoned but mediocre, but the biggest criticism here is the portion size… literally 10 chips here.  Not enough!
  3.  Mushy pea : 5/1o:  Again mediocre, not enough

Yes, it’s along Thames, overlooking St. Pauls, and it was a table service, I guess we should accept £17.50 is probably the price we have to pay.  Still, it would be great if you could give us a bit more chips for £17.50!

Good night!


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GIGS Fish and Chips restaurant, Fitzrovia, London W1T 4RE, 26 November 2020

I am back to GIGS, first time since 2017– I was young, enthusiastic.  I cannot believe it has been 3 years since I visited this delightful place.  In fact, we tried a few times during the lockdowns – it was either closed or opened limited hours.
Gigs Fish and chips FitzroviaTraditional fish and chips ranging form Cod to Kalamari rings £13.9- 14.50.  According to my previous post from 2017, it was ranging £11.5 – 12.40.  This is 17 – 21% price hike in the past 3 years.  I am sure I saw worse than this.  Mashy pea was £1.8  – now £2.00 – 10% up.

Gigs Fish and chips Fitzrovia

Sorry about my face, I am actually enjoying heat from the dish, it was such a cold night!

Gigs Fish and chips Fitzrovia

Check this beauty

  1. Fish – 8/10,  this was haddock.  Absolutely nice and thick flesh was cooked through – but did not loose juiciness – you know, some overcooked fish could become dry.  Crunchy and very simple batter – back to basic. Hot!
  2. Chips 8/10  Of course, great portion and freshly cooked steamy chips – what more can we ask on the cold night like this? Again, back to basic.
  3. Mashy pea – can you believe it, I forgot to order….  completely my error – but I was not prompted!

These days I am used to be served “seasoned” fish and chips, so I was a bit taken back by the notion of “season by yourself with salt, pepper, vinegar to your taste”.  I get that this is the tradition of takeaway from chippies.  However, it is also true, it is a chef’s responsibility and opportunity to showcase their palate to the audience.

Nevertheless, great honesty foods.  Back to basic, you are fighter, you will survive.  I must go back to sample mashy peas!

Good night!

28. November 2021 by myprice
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The Mossy Well, Muswell Hill, N10 3SH, 31 October 2021

Happy Halloween…. we are late, thirsty and hungry.  It is now 10:30pm, we are saved by The Mossy Well, Muswell Hill.

Wetherspoons Muswell Hill

Second to none!

Also managed to order food while having drinks at this time of Sunday night outside of the central London is miracle.  I know the fact that even kitchen closed at curry restaurants this time of Sunday night.

Wetherspoons Muswell Hill

Ordered, arrived in less than 10 minutes.

Fish : 6/10 Simple batter well executed, could wait for further 1 minute to drain oil before serving .  Fish itself was very thin – but firm enough texture, some flavour.

Chips: 7/10 Definitely above average, though no seasoning. I added salt and paper

Mushy pea: 5/10 average but generous portion

Overall 6/10 – but what can I say, the price structure – Fish and chips with beer was £8.45.  Have I been ripped off from everywhere? I only recently had mediocre fish and chips for £16 (drink excluded!), I can actually say, the fish and chips tonight was no different in quality.

Also, this place is opened until 12am on Sunday and able to order food until 11pm.

Tim Martin, the founder of the Weatherspoon is a prominent Brexiter.  After the referendum I decided that I will never go to the Weatherspoon to use my money.  This vow was broken tonight with desperation.  I also have to be fair – he is a one of the kind – absolutely genius businessman.  The price structure, the opening hours, maintaining standard, new ideas (e.g, stop serving roast meals, serving all day breakfast, etc)….

Wetherspoons Muswell Hill

Finally we recently paid nearly £7 for a pint of “craft beer”, tonight, all guest beer £1.99 – ok, may not be “CRAFT” and no atmosphere – but nothing wrong with them – my lager was certainly served well.

I was so grateful to be able to eat and drink!   Sleep well tonight!!!



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The Woolpack, Bermondsey, SE1 3UB, 22 October 2021

Good evening, Friday excitement is back in town, walking through London Bridge station, there were so many people, I can say it was pre-pandemic level of rush hour.  Short walk from the London Bridge station, here we are at Bermondsey St, The Woolpack.

The Woolpack

Happy Friday!

Fish and chips, mushy peas, tartar sauce£16… I am not sure what to make of this “£16″…. Brexit effect of shortage of petrol, food stock, delivery delay….all included.

The Woolpack

First impression – served in small plate for £16 main course

The Woolpack

Fish 4/10 : Batter is OK, good thickness, simple, crunchy texture.  However,  very disappointed with actual fish flesh – very watery with very little flavour.  I suspect it was not defrosted properly.

Chips 7/10 : Better than fish, seasoned well with salt, again, simple but well executed

Mushy pea 4/10 : very small portion and no twist of mint or butter – simple.

Overall, simple, nothing special mediocre fish and chips, does not provide me any lasting impression.  It was served in a very small plate with cheap gingham paper there is no sign of £16. The place was too dark, it was difficult to examine visually.

Friday excitement was not dampen down but I don’t think I will be back in hurry!

Good night!

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The Crown & Sceptre, Fitzrovia, London W1W 6SD, 26 June 2021

YO! I should be at the Glastonbury taking a part in the biggest and the best party of the world, but instead, I am in London sitting a quiet corner (behind a group of Italian lads) of The Crown & Sceptre, Fitzrovia.  

The Crown & Sceptre Bloomsbury

Firmly fixed my mask on my arm

Beer-battered Fish & Chips – pale ale battered cod, triple-cooked chips, minted crushed peas & tartare sauce for £14.  This is standard now, though anticipating price hike – post COVID +/- delayed Brexit related inflation.

The Crown & Sceptre Bloomsbury

Grilled lemon! Stop!

The Crown & Sceptre Bloomsbury

First impression – ?overcooked

  1. Fish – Actually, not overcooked, the dark colour must be a reflection of “pale ale”.  In fact, fish cooked perfectly, not dried, mouth wateringly juicy…. however, ohhhh so much salt on top of the fish…. why!?!?!?  I cannot get rid of them as there were so much of them, hanging on to rough surfaces of very crunchy batter, in the end I have to remove all batter.  What a shame!
  2. Chips – Definitely triple cooked, delicious ! Good portion size, wash down with cold beer hearing Italian boys shouting! Heaven!
  3. Minted crushed peas – Odd, too odd, there were hint of garlic, completely, offensively wrong combination of mint and pea.

Surrounded by some enthusiastic group of people – could not stop feel emotional, football competition, Glastonbury, beer, fish and chips, cheering voices, smily bar staff…..


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The Highbury Barn, London, London N5 2AB, 3 June 2021

Yo! No one can stop me, as I learnt the important lesson of life….here we are at the Highbury Barn.  Welcoming us back warmly, this is my second visit.  Wow, the first visit was November 2017, I was shocked by the price of fish and chips @£13.50 then.


Beer taste so good at inside, hooray!

This time, we scanned the menu – on this visit.. fish and chips….Wow whopping £15.50!

No complaint on portion size and steamy hot foods delivered in timely manner with smiles, which I can still see through the mask.

Fish: Large, fresh piece of fish meat, slightly undercooked, batter was very yellow and some yellow oil dripping on the white dish… not sure what it was (I don’t have menu on my phone anymore)- no distinctive taste of this yellow pigment….

Chips: Very very chunky, too chunky for my liking, can we still call these chips?  What is the clear definition of chips?

Mashy pea : yes mushy pea, refreshing colour  accent on the plate but nothing significant otherwise.

As my declaration – no harsh scoring – £15.50 – but but but…. what can we say…. it is what it is, we all need to survive.

See you soon!


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