The Fellow, Kings Cross, London, N1 9AA, 9 May 2019

Good evening, refreshing spring evening, we jumped into The Fellow, Kings Cross at 9:55pm, thirsty, hungry and desperate.  We then told the kitchen will be closed dead on 10pm, absolutely no flexibility.  By then, it was 9:56pm.  4 MINUTES LEFT TO ORDER.   Of course, Fish and chips without seeing the menu, even before order the pint.  Made it, before 10pm!

Then, my thirst was addressed. However, a bit disappointing Amstel, mediocre in every way, temperature, sharpness, a bit flat side….

Then, I studied the menu (food already ordered), Young’s beer-battered cod, triple-cooked chips, mushy peas, pickled onion, chili vinegar 15.5….! 15.5! Shocking.

Also, reading menu was such a hard work, these wordy description of fish and chips in tiny old fashioned typeface in the very dark pub, is this to disguise the unreasonable pricing?

First impression, brilliant!!!! So hungry!!

  1. Fish  7/10 : It was so dark, very difficult to see the foods.  I knew batter felt really hard, only now I know from the above photo that it was overcooked.  Fish was fresh but yes, slightly overcooked so dry.  But good position size.
  2. Chips 10/10  : Totally impressive.  Chunky chips are definitely cooked from scratch, so hot and mouth watering, very satisfactory carbohydrate loading!  Skin on, vitamin C well preserved!
  3. Mushy peas 9/10 : Delicious, minty, buttery and a lot of it! Love them!  This is a very good example of how to make healthy vegetables into calorific unhealthy side dish.

Overall good food, shame it was expensive and too dark to see them.  With the mediocre served beer, I don’t think I will be back, but thank you for not turn down the last minutes order!!!


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The Old Dairy, Crouch Hill, London, N4 4AP, 14 March 2019

YOYOYO! Thursdays are the new Fish and Chips days, here we are at The Old Dairy, Crouch Hill.

Fresh cold Amstel, taste would be better when served in a tall pint glass

Fish & Chips, beer battered haddock, pea puree, tartare sauce £14.00.  We are witnessing a steady inflation busting price rise in the fish and chips world.  In this rate, we will be paying £25 for a fish and chips within 2 years in the post Brexit Britain.

I was caught off guard with the shape of the plate.

No compromise in the portion size, good Old Dairy!

Check this out! Visibly thick flesh!

  1. Fish 8/10.  I like it!  This thick flesh was literally chunky, perfectly cooked, juicy, but not watery.  This fresh quality fish with tasty skin was coated with the thin batter which perfectly added crunchy texture to the ever so slightly rawish fish (but cooked through – this is why juiciness was well preserved).  Batter was simple without any funny twists. Yes, when foods are cooked properly, you do not need any funny twists (such as added herbs, etc).
  2. Chips 8/10.  Delicious.  Crunchy outside and fluffy inside.  Lots of proper potato earthy flavour.  I don’t believe they was pre-seasoned.  However, I did not need to add any salt/pepper.
  3. Pea puree 8/10.  I would not call “puree” for this texture, it was more like mashed.  Nevertheless, fresh green colour was appealing on generally brown dish of the Fish and Chips, slight hint of butter was pleasant.

My peer was describing the tartare ‘zingy’.  She was convinced this was special recipe.  Great observation.

Munching mouthful of  fish and chips provided us a slightly (not too much) greasy feel inside of the mouth as it would, which was easily refreshed with a mouthful of cold beer.  HEAVEN!

Overall impressive 8/10, a good example of simple food executed very well.  We will surely be back!  Good night!

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The World’s End, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3EF, 14 February 2019

YOYOYO! I am back! Confession…. I was having a bit of break from Fish and Chips.  If I am honest, I was a bit bored of Fish and Chips.  I know many people eat Fish and Chips every Friday….But I can assure you I still have a sufficient palate to be the Fish and Chips critic.

Here we were on Thursday night at Finsbury Park, North London, had a hard exercise of tenpin bowling at the cool Rowans bowling.  After the session, there are plenty of choices for food and drink but we arrived at The World’s End.

Fish & Chips, Beer battered Haddock, mushy peas, mint, tartar sauce £13.5

AHHHHH! grilled lemon, actually very hot YAK!

Food served on metal oven tray

  1. Fish  4/10, We ordered 4 x Fish and chips and we were told only 2 left, so it must be a fresh fish.  When fish is very fresh, usually the flesh should feel much firmer, which I did not feel.  In fact, it was soft and watery, but different from under/over cooked, not a good texture.  I had to attribute to sub optimal quality.  Skin was removed, very little flavour.
  2. Chips 4/10.  They were touched by some “flavoured salt”,  One of my peer has more than average knowledge of these thing, two of us thought long and hard but did not know what it was….some sort of curryish flavour too…. I felt this was too much of a deviation and totally unnecessary.
  3. Mushy pea 8/10 This was probably the star of the dish.  Hint of butter and mint but strong pea taste. Wanted more of them!!!

The worst experience was that as I was eating, slightly greasy oil from batter started soaking into the paper.  Then paper started to break down, I had to be so careful not to eat broken paper which could stick to my food!!! YAK!!!

Overall very disappointing 3/10, my Amstel beer was felt flat too….

I won’t be back!  Good night!

17. February 2019 by myprice
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The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo, London SE1 7AY, 11 May 2018

I am back here at The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo, following  the successful recent visit.


Ale Battered Haddock, hand cut chips, pea puree tartar sauce £13.50

I used to get shocked by the price, for example, I felt almost unforgivable paying £13.00 back in 2014.  Since then, so much happening (including Brexit related inflation), I am not surprised by £13.50 anymore.


Steamy hot!


Too much salt flakes, with deep fried saturated fatty foods + too much salt, the heart attack combination


  1. Fish 8/10, batter well integrated with thick and juicy fish, salt flakes absolutely unnecessary.
  2. Chips 8/10 Lovely, definitely handout! steamy hot, crunchy outside, fluffy inside.  Could do a few more of those
  3. Pea 6/10 this is not pea puree, puree should be smooth without bits, taste ok but discrepancy with the menu.

Great job again, for the consistency overall impressive 8/10.  I will be back.  Good night!

28. May 2018 by myprice
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Matthew’s Kitchen Seafood Restaurant, Crouch End, N8 8PL, 26 May 2018

Hello! What a lovely evening, we did not have spring but we are having amazing early summer here in Crouch End.  Visiting the Matthew’s Kitchen Seafood Restaurant with my peer’s strong recommendation.
matthews kitchen crouch endBargain! £12.95 for 2 courses of proper food.  I pick “Fish & Shellfish soup, drizzled olive oil, croutons” for the starter, and for the main, of course “Beer-battered haddock, hand-cut chips, garden peas, tartare sauce”.

matthews kitchen crouch end

Lovely but drizzled olive oil was sooooo unnecessary. Just made it greasy, did not add any benefit.

This is what I was waiting for! First impression small portion, but, hey, it is a set menu.

matthews kitchen crouch end

Actually, not sure if the portion is small or a reasonable portion served in a small plate.

  1. Fish 7/10.  Fresh fish cooked well but ever so slightly overcooked therefore dry.  Batter was very yellow, not sure where this colour came from. But not greasy at all, crunch and hot! Great texture.
  2. Chips 9/10 Great chips, definitely hand cut.  Nice and short, good mouthful size
  3. Pea 5/10 Nothing wrong, but garden peas.

Overall (including starter) great food 7/10, I was also checking what others were eating, all looks well impressive.  I cannot wait to come back.  I will eat every single one of items on this set menu.  Now even think about it, I just want to be there!  Thank you Matthew!!!! (did not meet him this time).

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My little seafood odyssey – Introduction

Here, my little seafood odyssey.  I am not all but fish and chips.  I am deviating my journey.  Following are the little tasters. Firstly, Cocorico.

Cocorico, Whetstone, London, N20 9HJ, 5 May 2018


Spaghetti con vongole, spaghetti with fresh clams, garlic, touch of chilli, paisley & wine sauce, £9.90


I must say it is a good price for fresh clams.  And it was a lot of them (though smaller side) !!! However, shamefully, the sauce was far too much olive oil and far too much salt.  So much so, I woke up 3 times during the night to grab a glass of water.  Not a good outcome!!!  5/10.

Ciao Bella, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 3LZ, 12 May 2018

Spaghetti all’ Aragosta, With Half Lobster in Fresh Tomato Sauce £20

Great portion sizes, yes definitely half lobster here.  However, big however, when you turned the lobster around it is completely empty.  Yes, there were a few pieces of lobster meat in the spaghetti but I cannot feel but cheated.  Lots of fresh tomatoes, great sauce with lots of fishy stock flavour. Not too salty which often the disappointment.  £20 for this is simply too expensive.  7/10.



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The Blackfriar, Blackfriars, London EC4V 4EG, 7 April 2018

Good evening!  I reflected recently that I don’t eat fish and chips often enough, but hey,  I had one again at The Blackfriar, opposite of Blackfriars station.

The Blackfriar

Places are heaving with Tourists and locals.

My standard fish and chips, cod fillet hand-battered in Nicholson’s Pale Ale and served with chips, samphire tartare sauce an mushy peas are £13.25, not cheap, but what caught my eyes is the “Ocean Fish and Chips £15.50!!!!! Which apparently contains mixture of cod fillets and breaded whole tail Whitby Scampi.

This brought back my memory back in November 2014 in The Red Lion in Hythe, Kent.  I was served Fish & Chips Platter £13.50, which contained cod, scampi and fish cake, piled on the plate, was not impressive.  Love my fish and chips diary, enable for me to look back experience precisely.

So, of course, I reflect on my experience, went for simple fish and chips.

The Blackfriar

I can smell oil on arrival. Not good!

The Blackfriar

1. Fish 3/10.  Too greasy, I suspect it was cooked in lowish temperature and oil was not drained properly before serving, hence oil smell on arrival.  Furthermore, far too thick batter soaked all oil.  Quite frankly I could not eat them.  Fish itself was nice and fresh but skin was off.  As I have to scrape flesh from thick oily batter, there was no enjoyment of mix texture of crunchy batter and flavour of hot juicy fish.

2. Chips 6/10.  Well cooked, but standard frozen pub chips.

3. Mushy peas 4/10  Again standard, straight from the tin, no fuss whatsoever.

A disappointing £13.50, I will not eat in here again.

Good night!

08. April 2018 by myprice
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The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo, London SE1 7AY, 23 March 2018

duke of sussex waterloo

Hello!  I am breaking the silence, I am alive and well!!!

Confession 1: I have not had a fish and chips for nearly 4 months.

Hey, but I am here tonight at The Duke of Sussex, near Waterloo station, cheering our favourite night (i.e., Friday night) with mis amigas!  Nothing has changed.

Duke of Sussex, Waterloo, London

Duke of Sussex, Waterloo, London

Excited with the first fish and chips in 4 months!!

Confession 2: Too excited, too busy chatting and (possibly) a pint too much beer, all I can remember is that it was NICE!!!!

But I remember, we were asked by the staff “are you tourists?”.  ………Thought I am more Londoner than Londoners…… ok, I get it, I must work harder on this.

Hey,  this is 2018, new year (only March!), new me.  It is time to spread my deep knowledge, critical and analytical views into larger seafoods world, I am going to be seafood critic as well as fish and chips critic.  For example;

Things like this.   Please note, this is not a deviation from Fish and Chips critic, but broaden my horizon!

Stay tuned!!!!

Good night!!!


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The Perseverance, Bloomsbury London WC1N 3NB, 2 December 2017

Festive season officially begins! Good evening from The Perseverance, Bloomsbury near Holborn and Russell Square.  We are celebrating the start of festive season in style, with the proud national cuisine, Fish and Chips.

The Perseverance, Lamb's Conduit Street, bloomsbury

Cheers!, Nothing like get together with great friends and chat about fish and chips, as well as reflecting back our year.

Bloomsbury IPA battered cod, chips, tartar sauce £13.  This is normal price for the central London, yes, I accept.  I don’t have to take time to decide what to have but others are wondering what to have from their simple but all pub essentials contained menu.

I just heard one of my peer decisively said “I am going to have fish and chips, I am on diet, it has to be fish, isn’t it!!!” oh, ok….. you are on diet….

The Perseverance, Lamb's Conduit Street, bloomsburyHeavy cutlery and thick paper napkin noticed by her, true, it is certainly a good sign,  it shows pride and care, nice touch!

The Pleasans, Lamb's Conduit Street, bloomsbury

Come on!

Some said the paper is  on the plate is a bit naff, but majority agreed it is serving a purpose of removing excess oil. I have seen this before and indeed, it fulfilled its purpose.

The Perseverance, Lamb's Conduit Street, bloomsbury

Clearly see the fish skin. Mashy peas too, which was not mentioned in the menu.

  1. Fish 7/10 . The fish was very fresh, no doubt.  I was on about fish skin then one of my peers questioning if ever, served without skin.  I agree, it should not be but I have seen without, which is absolute NO NO.  Anyway, it was ever so slightly overcooked (shame as fish was fresh) which takes edge of juiciness away.  Also ever so slightly greasy on batter, the paper on the plate was not doing anything! Also no sign of “IPA battered” in terms of flavour.

2. Chips 8/10.  Hot heart warming chips, I have a good feeling this is hand cut chips.  Hot, well cooked, simple chips.

3. Mashy Peas 4/10.  Straight from the tin.  No wonder it was not mentioned on the menu.  Shame as you can do a lot with mashy peas especially you are charging £13 for the whole dish.  You do need to go an extra mile to add a value to the dish.

Overall respectable 7/10,  my stomach was once again, warm and filled with joy.  In this cold, dump and dark winter, fish and chips is a true shining star, boding friends together.

Good night!

04. December 2017 by myprice
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The Highbury Barn, Highbury, London, N5 2AB, 17 November 2017

Nothing compare to a cold pint of beer to cheer up dark evenings, we are here at The Highbury Barn, N5 2AB, very short and pleasant walk from hustling and bustling Highbury corner.

Cheers! Holding menu, I know why I am here tonight.

Beer battered haddock, hand cut chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce £13.50, high end price at a quiet, village feel pub.  Brexit inflation +/- location (zone 2, may be a bit stretch to justify)?  But what is cheap? Nothing is cheap any more.
highbury barn
Big smile on my face, steamy Fish and chips arrived just in a good time (from the order to the table), Gigantic fish, this is what I like!highbury barn

Three of us having Fish and chips, all equally look good, not one is bigger than other, not one looks over cooked/under cooked in the first sight, fantastic consistency.

highbury barn

This is mine!

highbury barn

Check this out, see skin (tasty!) and juicy flesh

  1. Fish 8/10 Delicious, juicy flesh and flavour of fresh fish c0ming from skin (tasty!) and flesh.  Absolutely mouth watering.  Ever so slightly under done and batter a bit too heavy for my liking and ever so slightly soggy side.
  2. Chips 7/10 Already slightly salted which is such a nice touch (I successfully stopped my peer to sprinkle salt before she tasted).   Perfectly salted therefore brought sweetness of potatoes.  Could be a bit cruncher outside, but inside was nice and fluffy.  I am questioning though, are they handout?? Looked too uniformy.
  3. Peas – too busy chatting could not recall

Overall impressive 7/10.  It was cold and dark evening, but my stomach felt warm and it made me really happy.  Conversation fIew, chatting about fish and chips.  I have not had a fish and chips for 8 weeks.  This fish and chips reaffirm my passion and love to Fish and chips, throughly enjoyed the experience.

Love fish and chips!!!! Good night!!!!

20. November 2017 by myprice
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Gigs fish and chips restaurant, Fitzrovia, London W1T 4RE, 23 September 2017

Hello hello hello! I am doing well this month, my fish and chips No. 3 tonight at Gigs fish and chips restaurant, Fitzrovia, London.  The restaurant front states “Fitzrovia’s famous” but I don’t usually take notice of these kind of self declare greatness.

Lovely simple menu with good selection of fish, i.e., Cod, Haddock, Rock Salmon, Plaice, Scampi, Karamari rings

I like the pricing too, ranging from £11.50 – £12.40 plus recommends  a side of mushy peas for £1.80.  Also it proudly states fish delivered daily.  I first asked for haddock, which was sold out, therefore went for Cod, with a side of mushy peas (repeat : extra £1.80), of course.

take away attached to the restaurant, I have noticed good flow of punters

OMG, smells so good in the whole, small but clean, neat restaurant area.  Just cannot wait!!!

May not look so (?because too hungry) but I am so happy with the first impression!!

Check this out, great portion size!

Piping hot!!

  1. Fish  9/10 Delicious!!!! I am not sure what this batter is but it is evident that this fish was cooked in clean, fresh oil.  Fish was certainly fresh, beautiful white flesh was perfectly cook through but not slightest overcooked.  Batter was not too thick or thin, attached softly on this beautiful fish flesh, crunchy texture at outside.  Taste of batter itself does not stand out which is important as this delicate white fish flavour would be overwritten.
  2. Chips 9/10 Delicious!!!! Even more evident that these chips was cooked in clean oil, almost taste aromatic.  I actually asked the waiter, who proudly told me all cooked in ground nut oil (I later found this in written in the menu).  These chips were so delicious, I ate one by one, slowly chewing, enjoyed every bit of it.  BTW, I always think chips taste better if you eat with fingers.  No matter how posh the circumstances, I must eat chips with my fingers.  Honestly, try!
  3. Mushy peas 1/10  Total disappointment for extra £1.80, just from the tins, why don’t you give us for free as a garnish instead of making fuss (probably only need  1/5 of this portion size)?

Overall though impressive 9/10, wow, so good.  Now even writing this make my mouth watering.  I cannot wait to go back!!! I go there now!!!!

Thank you Gigs!!!

28. September 2017 by myprice
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The Crown & Anchor, Euston, London NW1 2HL, 1 September 2017

Good evening.  I told you my journey continues.  I can have 2 fish and chips a day.  Here I am at the Crown & Anchor, Euston , celebrating start of weekend.

Ready for next Fish and Chips number 2!

Fish & Chips – line-caught cod, ale-battered, served with triple-cooked chips, must peas & tartare sauce £12.95.  Over twice of what I paid at lunch time today.

Oh dear…. I don’t like my food served in a chopping board

Naf naf grilled lemon, I have not seen it for a while…

  1. Fish 1/10 : As soon as I saw the dark batter, I knew this was over cooked and it was.  Furthermore, batter was so thick and hard, I have to work hard to cut in pieces on this small chopping board, make sure grease not to jump on my dress.  In fact, batter was so thick, fish pieces must be so thin.  But it was too greasy, I could not finish it.  Of course, no adding benefit from grilled lemon.
  2. Chips 3/10 : I am not sure if this is triple cooked.  Not crunchy, but mushy texture without any flavour. Must been frozen chips.
  3. Mushy peas 1/10: Same tin stuff from lunch time but unlike our NHS, stingy portion.

Even though I could not finish this dish, at the end of the meal around my mouth was shining with grease…..

I am so disappointed.  I was really looking forward to compare/contrast 2 x fish and chips I ate in a day.   This is really bad food, I don’t know how they could charge £12.95, I just ate something very similar (if not, better, it was not greasy!!!) for less than 1/2 price!

I won’t be back!

My journey definitely continues….

05. September 2017 by myprice
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Foodhouse Restaurant, The Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, London NW3 2QG, 1 September 2017

Good afternoon (!), a bit change from my usual Fish and Chips scenery (and time, this is lunch time!), the report from Foodhouse restaurant, The Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, the rare insight from NHS institution.  I have previously reported from A NHS hospital too.  It is all of our interest to find out what is our most beloved institution is doing in terms of Fish and chips.

Battered/breaded (have choices!) and chips, £4.53 for staff £5.25 for visitor.

Quite frankly, visually cannot tell the difference between battered and breaded.

Nearly ready!

Expectation is high!

Battered fish looks hard-done

Look the portion size of mashy peas

  1. Fish 2/10  : Sorry for harsh marking!!! But batter was hard, dry but nothing crispy about and far too thick.  Inside of this thick batter, here it is a very dry, tasteless white fish without skin.  Without doubt, this is (likely including batter) a frozen food action.
  2. Chips 3/10 : At the time it felt better than 3/10 because fish was so bad. But, I recall again, very dry texture, less than average
  3. Mushy peas 3/10 : at first bite, I could tell this is straight from the tin.  I could taste metal.  Portion far to big!!!

I can remember all food texture mixed in my mouth with dry, mushy and plain with minimum flavour with hint of metal tin.

However, a big however, over all score is generous 6/10, this is after all what they did best in our beloved institution with limited resources.  It was hot, good hygiene standard (saw proud hygiene 5 sticker) and cheap!

Interesting debate was regarding mushy peas, while I was describing “metal taste”, one of my peer from Newcastle reported this is what she knows and this is how it should be.  When I started mentioning  “hint of mint, batter, blah blah blah….” her face actually blanked!!!!

Yes of course,  Critics is only a SUBJECTIVE opinion, I am back to my basic, my journey continues!

05. September 2017 by myprice
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The Ship Tavern, Holborn, London WC2A 3HP, 25 August 2017

Good evening, one of the best Friday of the year, yes, it is a Friday before Bank Holiday.  Fish and Chips with pals seems the best way to start this long weekend.  Here we are at The Ship Tavern, situated in a little alley behind the Holborn tube station.

The Ship Tavern Holborn London

Apparently this place is famous for its Gin collection but beer was also well served too! 10/10!

I have a high hope.  Some years ago, I had a “roast turkey baguette” at Christmas time.  I remember this was massive baguette sandwich with roast turkey, cranberry sauce and staffing.  And, it was surprisingly delicious!!!  Since this place was one of my must fish and chips visit list.  Previously we ate in the down stairs bar.  Then tonight, we decided to venture to the upstairs as the table in the bar was too small for 4 of us to have meals.

OMG, how could we have guessed?  The upstairs of this old/working people friendly pub is like an old, traditional British dining room, and one of the peers of this evening described “like the oriental express”.  And the pricing reflect this setting, “Fish & Chips garden pea puree, tartare £17”.

SEVENTEEN pounds.  This is the most expensive fish and chips I ever ordered.  Also, even in the bar downstairs, it is £17.  Ah! this is not reflecting the poshed-up dining room.  This is simply “just expensive”.

The Ship Tavern Holborn London

First impression: not £17 looking, I have seen this style of serving before.

Fish and chips served on “mock newspaper” to replicate the chippie is OK.  After all, it sucks excess oil, but not in the “oriental express” for £17 paying customers.

The Ship Tavern Holborn London

Chips hiding under fish, defeat the object of mock newspaper as chips soaks excess oil from fish

The Ship Tavern Holborn London

Felt rather thin fish…

Fish 9/10 : Actually delicious. Fish was well cooked though, no raw bits (I found this is all too often) but still juicy and fluffy.  Batter was simple, crunchy, integrate well with fish (with skin, of course) in the mouth. The negative was my fish felt slightly thin fillet, but this is probably my bad luck as others looked nice fat pieces!!!

Chips 9/10 : Again, delicious.  Thick cut chips were not greasy (despite hiding under fish) but crunchy, piping hot, fluffy inside, tasty potato flavour.  The negative is the portion size, I could eat at least 5 more chips.

Pea Puree 8/10 : Delicious again.  Some hint of butter and mint but not at all overwhelming.  In fact, the combination was perfect so that sweetness of the peas were enhanced.  Again, small portion size is the negative and this was not exactly puree.  Puree is without bits, I personally think this term is over used in the food world.

Overall score though 6.5/10.  How, anyone can justify £17 for Fish and chips.  Also what do you expect for £17 other than well, deliciously cooked fish and chips.  We couldn’t get over the fact we are paying so much while we were eating, which, if we were honest (I use “we” as this was group consensus), spoiled this dish a bit (don’t confuse, we had a great evening).

Good night!

30. August 2017 by myprice
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The Beach Hut, Highbury, London N5 1QJ, 28 July 2017

Good Evening! Something different tonight, I am coming to The Beach House, Highbury, by my colleague’s recommendation. She takes my passion of Fish and Chips critic quite seriously. Thank you!

Beach Hut Highbury

I am pointing very important sign.

Beach Hut Highbury

Check this out! Hygiene 5! Highest standard!

This is actually reassuring.  This is because we recently witnessed Hygiene 1 in a restaurant near the British Museum.  We could not believe our eyes.  Surprisingly the restaurant is continuously operating its business.  Is this allowed?  Somebody tell me!!!

This place is technically “chippy”.  It is successfully fancied up to make it looks like cute chippy near the beach with highest hygiene standard.  We can eat in with our own beer (BYO) hooray!
A bit disappointed though, it was only small fish and chips available, also it is priced £8.00 (eat in), £6.00 (take away).  Not quite sure if this is good value or not.

Beach Hut Highbury

Initial impression – Tiny portion!!!

It may not look small on this photo, but the diner plate was traditional ~9 inches (approx 23cm) plate, not the ones we are used these days.  We are more likely using ~12 inches plates.  In fact, since 1960’s, the surface area of our average dinner plate has increased by 36%, I am sure it is contributing to obese epidemic, we all eat too much!!!

Beach Hut Highbury

I had to order mashy peas separately, cannot remember the cost due to beer effect

Beach Hut Highbury

Now you can see how small the fish and chips, mashy peas looks disproportionally huge for a side dish.

Beach Hut Highbury

Too undercooked

  1. Fish 5/10. Too undercooked for “fish and chips”.  Personally I have no issues eating raw fish but this is not supposed to be.  Also, batter felt a bit greasy in mouth, no joy of crunchy fresh batter combined with fluffy fish.  Instead, greasy batter combined with sticky rawish fish texture.  But I must say, fish was very fresh.  Shame!
  2. Chips 5/10,  Again, felt a bit greasy.
  3. Mashy peas 5/10, This is not mashy peas, it is half crushed peas.  For flavour, no twists whatsoever, basically just peas.

Overall disappointing 5/10.  I was disappointed with small portion (though it is meant to be small), because I paid £8.00.  Also, the eating area was totally empty, and this was Friday night, suggestive of true reputation? Unlike in FishFish in Highgate, as my previous visit, we did not observe any sign of streaming order of take aways.

Nevertheless, it was lovely evening, in the mock-beach chippy.  And at least, it was hygienic dinner!

Good night!

01. August 2017 by myprice
Categories: Fish & Chip Reviews | Comments Off on The Beach Hut, Highbury, London N5 1QJ, 28 July 2017

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