lure fish kitchen, Dartmouth Park, London, NW5 1DJ, 12 May 2022

I am excited, numbers of times I walk past this little cosy place, I always wanted to go there but never actually did.  We all have places like this don’t we?  Then we just have to do it!  Good evening from the lure fish kitchen, Dartmouth Park/Tufnell Park/Archway.


A credible source informed me that currently London pubs are short of Camden Hells – apparently the Brewery sold all current stock to the Weatherspoon – really?!?!?

Cameden Hells Beer battered haddock/cod £9.95!  Yo! I love the price – but then soon realised I had to order chips (Fresh cut, triple cooked chips) £4.25 and crushed minted garden peas £3.50 -> Fish and chips total at £17.70 -> Ok, fair enough!

Chips came! Quick! Nice! Hot!

Then wait wait wait wait – it was hard not to start chips – I am waiting for the fish!

Finally! First impression – small!

Here comes peas – first impression – Massive!

Fish : 8/10  Of course, very well executed, simple batter but this is special, simple, crunchy texture, minimum seasoning meant  I can taste lovely juicy fish – beautiful browny/golden colour – surely from Camden hell! Minus 2 points for the slightly disappointed portion size.

Chips: 8/10 Fresh! Definitely triple cooked!  Great portion size.  Minus 2 points for arriving too early

Peas 8/10 Fresh! minty and refreshing – Minus 2 points for too big portion – this is £3.50, It would be better to offer £1.00 for just under 30% of this portion.  I often complain “I could do more” on mushy peas.  But lesson learnt, too much is just as or worse than too little. – as I was eating, first felt minty and refreshing becoming sicking, minty taste annoying to my throat.

Overall great effort – what can I say – it is a hard time to be fish and chips critic.  I am so so aware of price rises on all angle – right, left, center – massively aggravated by the war.  According to a credible source (i.e., radio), there is a serious risk of up to 30% of fish and chips shop to be closed due to the price rises including vegetable oils – hard times!

Good night!


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