Fish and Ships, Southwold, Suffolk, March 2014

Hello!  I am afraid no fish and chips this weekend, but I have something to show you.

Tah Dah! Look what I have got!

Tah Dah! Look what I have got!

When I saw this “Fish and Ship” tea towel in a small rustic seaside souvenir shop in Southwold, thought “Wow, this is just for me!”.  I grabbed it, proceeded to the till.  Then I was told “£8.99”.

I was nearly chickened out but my pride won.  I managed to keep poker face, completed the purchase.

This is, without doubt, the most expensive tea towel in the UK (or, considering rip off Britain, it could be the most expensive in the world).  I have not used it yet, seems too good to wipe my old dishes.  I am seriously considering it to frame.

Any ideas on what to do this most expensive tea towel on the planet?

27. April 2014 by myprice
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