The Queens Arms, London, SW1V 1QT, 17th January 2014

Yey!!!! Friday night, The Queens Arms. Nothing better than crunching my thirst with cold lager with fish and chips.

Mina with beer

Amstel is one of my favourite.  Noticed quality so varied between different pubs, often too flat, this one, I score 9/10, perfect temperature to crunch my thirst, well done!

Mina with Menu

Fish and Chips…£13, bullish pricing.

 Expectation rising after being served excellent beer!!

The fish and chips

First impression…. small portion…

Not mashy pea!!!!

Not mushy peas!!!!

Mmmm.. my verdict.
1.  Stingy portion for £13 ..
2.  Fish : Batter is nice and crunchy but fish is watery… there is a massive difference between juicy and watery
3. Chips : Excellent!  Strong taste of potato, medium thickness , this is probably all made from scratch.  Well done
4. Peas : This should be mushy pea!!! Soooo disappointing.  Straight from frozen, no creativity whatever

Over all…. 5/10.

Would go back for drinks, but not for a fish and chips, I expect better than this for £13 , Sorry folks!

17. January 2014 by myprice
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