simply FISH, London NW1 7HJ, 25 January 2014

Yey! Saturday night, after watching “The Wolf of The Wall Street” (very entertaining, but very long), it is the time for a pint to crunch my thirst.  Could not get seats in any pubs serves foods around Camden Town, we settled at The Good Mixer, NW1 7HJ.  This place does not serve the food at the time but needed drinks!!!!


Ah! how disappointing, (1) only 4% larger choice is Fosters super chilled (2) it was not served in Fosters glass (3) NOT CHILLED!!!!!!

Ok, ok, the point of my critics is not for a beer, for FISH AND CHIPS.. so we moved a few doors down to simply FISH, NW1 7HJ.


Ye~~~y, finally my fish and chips!




£11.75. Good pricing.

MMM…. good first impression, Love these peas… a lot of them, which is unusual.  fish is rested on the mountain of peas….

My verdict of the day.
1. Fish.. 8/10. succulent yet firm, good taste of the cod.  Crunchy batter.
2. Chips. 7/10. lovely but average.  With these cuts, I actually never know if they are frozen or made from scratch.  I know, i know I am a critic, but can somebody teach me?
3. Peas.8/10 great effort, slightly buttery, minty, not mushy pea but more like crushy pea.  but who cares they were nice. though aha! I can do this easily at home by myself.  for that, -1point, to 7/10.

Overall 7/10.  Yes, I will be back but not in rush as I have a plenty of places to explore in the area. Thank you folks, good effort!

26. January 2014 by myprice
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