The Red Lion, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5AU, 29 November 2014

Hello from sunny Kent coast of Hythe.   We are marching down one of Britain’s longest high streets (as it says on the signpost, though ? for accuracy.  I can think of a few longer high streets immediately, for example,  Oxford street), hunting for a fish and chips after a long walk on the beautiful stretch of Kent coast.  I am so thirsty.  The Red Lion, looks good for a pint and fish and chips.

CARLING... this is the only  4% lagar they have.

CARLING… this is the only 4% lager beer they have.

I am completely honest with you.  When I realize CARLING is the only beer I can have (I like 4% lager), my heart sank.  Though could not walk any longer, we settled.  My heart is right to be sunken.  The beer has a dry taste, you could say refreshing though no depth/punch at all.  The feel of refreshment only lasted a few mouthful then the taste gets boring.  You might as well have bitter lemon water.  Don’t get me wrong, beer was served well, it is not pub’s fault.  It is certainly manufacture’s fault.  You need to work hard to get taste sorted.  Marketing team must know the bad reputation and it is there for a reason.  This is NOT GOOD!  Opinion welcome from CARLING lover please!!!!

Anyway, let’s move on.

Fish & Chip platter, Lion Ale battered cod, wholetail breaded scampi, cod fishcake, tartar sauce, chunky chips, mushy peas £13.50

Fish & Chip platter, Lion Ale battered cod, wholetail breaded scampi, cod fishcake, tartar sauce, chunky chips, mushy peas £13.50

MMM…..bullish pricing of £13.50…. this is London price.  I never have seen Fish & Chip platter.  I had a bit bad feeling, never a good news to pile lots on plate….

Here we are.  Everything on plate.

Here we are. Everything is piled on plate.


The paper on the plate was covering with oil.

The paper food served on the plate was covering with oil.

1. Fish 1/10.  It was small.  The shape was clean triangle, which tells me this is one of those frozen fish you purchase in a large box.  Batter was definitely not lion ale battered.  Just an unspecified batter.  Watery and tasteless fish as you expect of frozen.  Oil is not drained properly therefore greasy paper was found underneath.
2. Chips 3/10.  Yes they were chunky but frozen chips.
3. Peas 3/10.  Nothing special straight from a tin.

Overall score 2/10, very very disappointing £13.50.  Why scampi?  Why fish cake?  I must say fish cake was the best of this plate.  It was clearly homemade.  However, this is not the point.  You should just concentrate on Fish and Chips.

An additional useful tourist fish and chips information of Hythe…..

The Kings Head, Hythe

The Kings Head, Hythe

One of other pubs on one of the longest high streets of Hythe is the Kings Head.  We were there on the night before, NO FISH AND CHIPS!!!! The closest thing I could find was “Fresh, locally caught white fish & vine roasted cherry tomatoes chorizo, new potato, spinach & red paper stir fry with spiced beetroot puree”.  What a shame, it is a very traditional pub,  I had to have liver and bacon instead!!! Gruuuuuu!!!!!

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