The Woolpack, Bermondsey, SE1 3UB, 22 October 2021

Good evening, Friday excitement is back in town, walking through London Bridge station, there were so many people, I can say it was pre-pandemic level of rush hour.  Short walk from the London Bridge station, here we are at Bermondsey St, The Woolpack.

The Woolpack

Happy Friday!

Fish and chips, mushy peas, tartar sauce£16… I am not sure what to make of this “£16″…. Brexit effect of shortage of petrol, food stock, delivery delay….all included.

The Woolpack

First impression – served in small plate for £16 main course

The Woolpack

Fish 4/10 : Batter is OK, good thickness, simple, crunchy texture.  However,  very disappointed with actual fish flesh – very watery with very little flavour.  I suspect it was not defrosted properly.

Chips 7/10 : Better than fish, seasoned well with salt, again, simple but well executed

Mushy pea 4/10 : very small portion and no twist of mint or butter – simple.

Overall, simple, nothing special mediocre fish and chips, does not provide me any lasting impression.  It was served in a very small plate with cheap gingham paper there is no sign of £16. The place was too dark, it was difficult to examine visually.

Friday excitement was not dampen down but I don’t think I will be back in hurry!

Good night!

24. October 2021 by myprice
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