Brew Wharf, Vinopolis Plazza, Stoney Street, London, SE1 9AD, 17 April 2015

Happy Friday! Sunny but chilly April Friday evening, time for beers at Brew Wharf, near famous Borough Market.  Serving Meantime beers, rapidly becoming “common” beers in London.  Also, serving steep price but one of the best Fish and Chips in my experience so far, previously scored fantastic 8/10.  Though I should not expecting anything less at £13.95.  Steep, though expectation is high!

Beer Wharf

Beer Battered Fish & Tripled Cooked Chips, Mushy Peas, Tartar Sauce & Dressed Salad £13.95

Beer Wharf

MMMM…. I can see something not quite right straight away.

1. Fish 0/10.  What is this.  I am angry.  This is obviously frozen fish.  I had  This was agreed with my trusted peers.  Shape looked frozen, taste frozen.  Watery, no fravor whatsoever.  No texture of firmness of fresh fish.

Beer Wharf

It was hot, but not able to redeem what is soooo bad.

We all were so shocked, sparked active discussion in how poor the quality is.  Quite frankly I am unable to recall how was chips and/or mushy peas because of this.  I actually could not able to finish them as it was so tasteless despite being so hungry.  Check my previous report, this tells me that there is NO consistency in service.

Overall 0/10 for bad frozen fish and unforgivable price at £13.95.  I will not eat in here again.  People often criticize chain pubs and restaurant but at least they can offer consistency (just like JD Wetherspoon!!!).  Counter argument welcome!

My search for the best fish and chips continues….Good night!

19. April 2015 by myprice
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