The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LE, 9 April 2015

Good evening from Wetherspoon, the nation’s loving pub chain, The Moon Under Water, Thursday night, everyone’s having good time, NO TROUBLE, NO FIGHT, NO SHOUTING at this wetherspoon, in fact it is pleasant!

Wetherspoons with menu

Aha! Cold pint and Fish and chips, this is my evening. Amstel well served 10/10!

Freshly battered large fish and chips with peas, £8.39.  Specially specified “large” fish,  also mentioned 1342kcal.  Nice touch!  Although who actually cares?  Noticed Fish and Chips is more pricey compared to my previous visit at North Finchley.  Ah, then it was £6.25 including a pint of Fosters as Fish Friday.  And fish was small.  This time, this will be a “large fish”.  Expectation is high!

Fish and chips in Wetherspoons

Indeed, Large!

Fish and chips in Wetherspoons

Steamy hot!  No naff grilled lemon, yey!

1. Fish 8/10.  Great portion size, no funny added herbs, nothing complicated.  Fish tasted fresh.  We know it is fresh, we were informed before.  Good texture of crunchy batter well integrated with firm, fresh fish.  The fresh lemon piece is slightly stingy size for this large fish, shame!
2. Chips 7/10.  After rigorous peer discussion, we came to conclusion that they are cooked from frozen.  Well executed, crunchy, but the slight sweetness, hard to discribe but I suspect some animal fat in frying oil?  Somebody tell me!
3. Mushy peas 8/10.  Bright green, smooth, very strong pea taste.  I would like some hint of mint or butter, nevertheless, as it says on the menu.  Simple may be the best.

My trusted peers were all mentioning how much they love mushy peas.  In fact, I don’t know anybody who does not like mushy peas.  I started to suspect mushy peas are the true British soul food.  Unfortunately as they are permanently on a supporting role, their contribution as a proud British food hardly get noticed.

Overall solid 8/10.  I have to say nothing wrong with wetherspoon foods.  In fact,they can be better than some gastro pubs charging so much and twisting too much of our simple food.

Good night!

12. April 2015 by myprice
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