The Ship Inn, Rye, East Sussex TN31 7DB, 15 July 2020

Hello from East Sussex, a pretty place called Rye, we are continuously engaging actively with post lock down economy.  The Ship Inn, of course we are here for a fresh pint and fish and chips.|

The Ship

Feeling safe

All main courses are priced at £13.00.  “Jake’s Beer Battered Fish & Chips, Mushy peas, chunky tartare sauce”.

The Ship

Not so sure about first sight, nothing special

The Ship

Never keen to be served my chips in a mini bucket – is this for portion control?

OMG – How wrong was I for my first impression –

  1. Fish 9.5/10 – Batter was thin – which means the size of the fish showing above photo is an actual size of big generous piece of completely fresh, skinned, beautifully flavoursome white cod flesh.  This thin but crunchy, not greasy at all batter is sticking perfectly with the fat flesh.  The fish was cooked through perfectly – this is important, as often they are ever so slightly undercooked – may be chefs are afraid of overcooking (quite rightly).  When bite the fish, crunchy batter was melting with fresh juice of fish – OH JOY!!!
  2. Chips 10/10 – these are probably one of the best chips I can recall.  Again, crunchy but  not greasy, definitely cooked in a fresh oil.  Piping hot, completely fluffy.   Strangely, crunchiness of outside did not dominate as a texture but fluffiness overtakes inside of the mouth, while leaving pleasure of crunchiness just experienced.  OH JOY!!!!!
  3. Mushy peas – over excited with chips, cannot recall
  4. Tartare source – not sure what is chunky about.

Thank you the Ship Inn for an amazing fish and chips, I gave 9.5 for fish as chips were so perfect and gave me such an strong impression that I could possibly give another 10 on fish.

They could not reflect new VAT (20%->5%) applied from today as their “head office” have not instruct them yet.  However, they gave “welcome back” discount on the drinks so I forgive YA!


19. July 2020 by myprice
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