The Sir Richard Steel, Haverstock Hill, London, NW3 4RL, 9 July 2020

Yoyoyo! I am keen to contribute to the much needed economic activity, therefore, we are here tonight at The Sir Richard Steel, Haverstock Hill.  Table booked, cannot wait for fresh pint and fish and chips!

Sir Richard Steele

Cannot complain!

Fantastic pub but empty….though again, just 2 of us, they gave us probably the best table in the house.
BUT THE BIG BUT…AHHHHHH…no fish and chips on the menu…. WHY.. there is a good reason.  The friendly pub landlord told us…

Sir Richard Steele

There is a fish and chips shop next to the pub, so they decided not to compete…share the business “we are all family”.

Nice touch!  So after careful consideration, we went for burger and chips, another classic.

Sir Richard Steele

Polite smile on arrival, served in paper plate due to COVID

Sir Richard Steele

The polite smile was not because the paper plate but the amount of chips they gave me… literally there were only about 8 chips…… you should give me at least 3 times more (i.e,, 24 chips) for £12.95.  I am not burger critic so my comment ends here…..

Beer was lovely, but for the very very  stingy chips portion, I won’t eat in here again, but I will come back for beer then fish and chips next door.

I binged chocolate after I went home, I was left too hungry with 8 chips.


10. July 2020 by myprice
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