The Orange Tree, Totteridge, London N20 8NX, 4 July 2020

Finally we are here at The Orange Tree, Totteridge,  the Super Saturday.  We have waited, waited and waited.

Orange Tree Pub Totteridge


Ohhhh…. this is so good.  Now, this is a booked table, table service, everything goes smoothly.  Now, let’s have “Freshly Battered Line-caught Cod & Chips Rustic thick-cut chips, pea puree & tartare sauce” £14.25.

Orange Tree Pub Totteridge


Orange Tree Pub Totteridge

Socially distanced table

  1. Fish : 8/10 : Juicy cod flesh with skin was hidden under the crispy golden batter.  Batter was just right thickness which hold fish together well, fish was ever so slightly undercooked.
  2. Chips: 8/10 : Chunky chips were steaming hot!  As promised, crunchy outside and fluffy inside.  They went so well with cold crispy well served beer, I could do with more of them.
  3. Pea puree 8/10 : Beautiful in the eye, bright fresh green and taste with hint of butter.  Not puree enough as some chunks visible, I actually really liked them, great home made side.   Should not call them puree here.

Overall great dining experience in this difficult circumstances.  In fact, for the diners/drinkers for two, this was actually very present.  We would normally given tiny table between groups, often felt “unimportant” during busy weekend evenings.  But not tonight!

Thank you Orange Tree, we will certainly back!!!!

05. July 2020 by myprice
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