Replying to the reader, 18 September 2016

Good morning!  I have some comments from my reader (+ possible prospective fan).

“You need to update your blog, I have been to this pub on a number of occasions and the food is excellent, not many places have skin on fish, I would like to know were you get you expertise. As you say no one probably does follow your blog.”

To answer some of the questions;

1. Where do I get my expertise on fish and chips?

– Nowhere.  I am a self declared expert.

2. You need to update your blog.

–  I could not agree more.

3. No-one probably does follow your blog.

–  Wrong! I won the “Not Just Another Food Blogger Awards 2016” by Hungry house.  At least they follow me! This remains my personal triumph!

Any comment welcome!  I will continue submit my “SUBJECTIVE'” critic!

Have a nice weekend!

18. September 2016 by myprice
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