The Ship Inn, Rye, East Sussex TN31 u7DB, 16 July 2020

Hello, this is not Déjà vu, we are here again, the Ship Inn, Rye.  I could not forget an amazing fish and chips from yesterday, I was going to have it again.  However, what caught my eyes are – “Whole South Coast Plaice, Jersey royal potatoes, caper&lemon butter sauce”.  £13.0 (+ VAT not reduced to 5%).  Of course, from my experience last night, I asked chips instead of Jersey Royal potatoes.

The Ship

Great pint with welcome back discount, big thumb up

The Ship

Chips served in a bucket again

The Ship

Naff grilled lemon

  1. Chips 10/10 Again!!! – I must say I was slightly apprehensive after the great experience last night.  OMG, exactly as I experienced, it was so good again, here, you have even achieved all important “CONSISTENCY”.  You made me happy.
  2. Fish 9.5/10 – Simply delicious.  This fat, fresh meat was again, cooked perfectly, juicy, it looks a lot of caper but providing perfect acidity without overwhelming saltiness of capers against good amount of butter (which was not too much to start with),  seasoning was again perfect, calculated saltiness from caper.

What can I say?  2 nights in a row, I was treated with great foods and drink.  The chef must have great palate.  I believe, especially in this country where meat eating is generally dominant, chef’s palate and quality is tested by cooking of fish/marine products.  And, you guys are genius.  You showcased that simple but excellent quality of food – I really mean it – can be served in a pub, does not have to be a posh restaurant.

Cannot wait to visit you again – Thank you !!!!




19. July 2020 by myprice
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