THE WOODMAN, Highgate, London, N6 5UA, 7 October 2016

Good evening, we are at The Woodman, Highgate, N6 5UA, celebrating start of weekend.

Cold, crispy, refreshing Amstel, revitalized me!

Cold, crispy, refreshing Amstel, revitalized me after a hard week.

Beer so tasty, then it can only be one thing, come on Fish and Chips!

Menu looks fantastic, simple and well priced!

Menu is nice and simple.  This is how I like it!

Fish & Chips, mushy peas, Tartar sauce, £12.50.  So nice to read simple menu.  I am fed up to be explained foods with lengthy adjectives, such as “sustainably line caught…..” “triple cooked….” etc etc etc.

BTW, on your website it says £11.95.  This just over 3% price hike is an example of recent Brexit related inflation?  Anyway, £12.50 is a borderline price.  Whenever I see  Fish and Chips priced >£13.00, I immediately react “REALLY??”

Fantastic first impression!

Fantastic first impression! So happy! I can feel the steam!

Simply served good looking foods with a piece of lemon perfectly fit between fingers to squeeze just enough amount of lemon juice to add hint of acidity to freshly deep fried foods.

Served on a thin paper which is absorbing excess oil, this is really nice touch.

Served on a piece of thin paper which is absorbing excess oil and looks pretty.  This is really nice touch.

Look these fresh fat chips!

Look these fresh fat chips!

  1. Fish 9.5/10   Delicious!!! Beautifully thick white fillet fish (of course skin on! Yey!) which was perfectly cooked, firm but juicy, not watery.  Simple batter adds lovely texture to the fish with a hint of lemon.  Absolutely flavoursome.
  2. Chips 9.5/10 Delicious!!! Taste just as great as they looks.  There were no lengthy words to describe them in the menu but I know they are ‘hand cut + freshly cook + possibly double or even triple cooked” chips.  Beautifully fluffy inside.  I was eating very slowly towards the end as I did not want them to end. Even after losing initial steam and getting colder, remain tasty.
  3. Mushy peas 5/10 Mediocre.  However, I wasn’t expecting anything else.  Simple menu does not give extra fuss.  No issues here, adding lovely green colour on dish.

OMG.  This is one of the best Fish and Chips I had.  I am not hesitate to give 9.5/10.   I am a harsh critic, it is very rare I give such high score.  In fact, it may be the highest ever.  You may think, “hang on, how about mediocre mushy peas, the low score of 5/10 is not reflecting overall score!”.  Yes, you are right, as much as mushy peas should be rewarded on its own right, after all, when Fish and Chips are so good, it does not matter anymore (sorry mushy peas!).

The only reason I did not give full mark is that there is no such thing as “perfect”. But close enough!

One valuable advice, you need to update your website to reflect the Brexit related inflation, but hey, I am sure you don’t want to told by me, who was once pointed out that I do not update the blog often enough!!!

I cannot wait to go back.  Now just writing about it, my mouth is practically watering!

Good night!

11. October 2016 by myprice
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