The Elephant Inn, London, N12 8NR, 16 January 2015

Happy new year to you all, welcome to 2015! Yey!  I can clearly remember the panic of welcoming “millennium”.  Rumor was that some IT guys paid at least £1,000 to stand next to computers on the night of 31 December 1999.  Then nothing happened.  It has been 15 years since.  Also nothing has been happening is our Fish and Chips.  You are still a food of our heart.

We are marching down to The Elephant Inn, North London.  If I am honest with you, I was not exactly excited.  I knew they sell Thai food.


Welcome 2015, celebrate in style, AMSTEL. Well executed, perfect temperature and fizziness, generous 10/10.  Good start.


Two sided menu, full of interesting + deliciously  described Thai foods.

Here we are, under the category of “ENGLISH MENU”.  Fish and Chips, Battered cod, served with chips and peas, £5.95.  £5.95, che.. cheap.  Its makes you worry if it is too cheap, unless you are in Weatherspoons.  In London, around £10 in pub is average I can say.  I was also a bit jealous of my husband who is ordering Thai food….  But I am on my mission.  This will be my first fish and chips 2015… practically in a Thai restaurant.

f and c

Wow, arrived literary less than 8 minutes of ordering. HOW?  And it does not look bad!!!

fish and chips

Steaming hot!! I can assure you this was just freshly cooked.

1. Fish 8/10.  Wow, what a surprise.  Fluffy tasty juicy cod covered in a crispy batter.  Not give you a full mark as (a) can be left on the draining for a few more minutes to drain oil, slightly greasy because of this, not a fault of actual cooking (b) lovely thick piece of fish but ever so slightly small.
2. Chips 4/10.  Average, frozen chips but crispy enough.
3. Peas 3/10.  No twist whatever, though generous portion.

Overall generous 7/10, for the great fish and value for money.  I attribute this good fish to your “transferrable skill”.  From the menu, I could see lots of Thai special dishes containing “fried fish”.  It is evident that you have a good chef.  You could also do better with more generous tartar sauce, I guess it was max 2 teaspoonful.  It did look disproportionally small for even small fish.

Good start of Fish and Chips critic (AKA Fish and Chips ambassador) 2015, I am even more ambitious this year.  Please follow my journey.

Good night!

17. January 2015 by myprice
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