Woodman, Flaming Grill Pubs, London, SW19 8DR, 29 January 2015

Good evening.  I am doing something completely different tonight at Wimbledon, Woodman.  The one-off special from Fish and Chips critic.  It is the famous burger challenge!!!  We are four of us, I am confident I will be the winner.  I can eat a large volume.


Oh… cold Amstel but served rather flat…. very disappointing.

After a few small sips, I asked for a new pint.  They were not happy!!!  They did not believe my verdict, obviously they did not know I am a (non-official) lager critic .  After my persistent negotiation, they exchange to Fosters.  This was better.

flaming challenge burger

Now, this is the one.  The Flaming Challenge Burger £9.99.

becks and burger

According to the menu, this contains 3300kcal, 174g fat!!! Wow!  Average daily recommendation intake for woman is 2000kcal a day.

flaming challenge

This is my end point.  Managed all onion rings, over 1/2 portion of chips.  1/2 burger.

With 2 pints of fosters, I managed nearly 2000kcal.  Well done me, but finished at second place.  Gutted!!!!!

Question: If this was Fish and Chips, would I done better?  Probably yes.

I have learnt I am not keen on burger.  Go back to what I know, Fish and Chips.  This was my reflection of this experience.

Good night!

03. February 2015 by myprice
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