The Golden Lion, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39, 27 November 2015

Hello from Lancashire, updating the report from the event over a week ago.  I am sure we all have a moment, “oh I have to update my blog (or whatever you have to do)” then, “oh I do XXX (such as sorting out old clothes for charity shop donation, mmm urgent!)” then turning into “I do anything but”.

Anyway, nobody cares my report except me. So I still do it!

Looking to escape from the rain, conveniently we were in front of The Golden Lion in Ormskirk, Lancashire.  Fancy a fish and chips, less than 10 miles from the sea, here we are at a little pleasant market town, I can expect good home cooking.

The Golden Lion Ormskirk

Codfather £6.99 Locally Sourced Cod Fillet in our homemade Beer Batter, served with Chips and Peas. £6.99

…OK, Codfather…..  I have seen a few takeaway shops with this name.  Ah,  then they are specialists!  I may be able to expect the excellence.

The Golden Lion Ormskirk

Even better, 30% discount per person.  However, I am sceptical with discount after the recent experience in The Three Crowns.  Anyway, worth a try.  In the way, this poster shows the confidence in promoting their products.

The Golden Lion Ormskirk

Arrived within 5 minutes of ordering.  Quick!  However, this is a standard looking.

1 Fish 0/10.  Very thin look fish.  Hot outside but cold/lukewarm inside.  No skin on fish, no taste.  Terrible texture inside, fish was not cooked properly.  As you are eating, this is getting worse.
2. Chips 3/10.  A standard frozen chip.  Nothing else to say.  At least they were hot and cooked throughout.
3. Peas 3/10.  A standard frozen peas.  A microwave job.

Total 2/10.  This is one of the worst fish I ever tasted.  In fact, now thinking about it put me off from ordering Fish and chips in the pub.

Also, what I noticed with the Masterchef professional in the current series is that  almost all chefs from “gastro pubs” do really badly.  Check their performance in “the mean skill test” + “the invention test” (they don’t usually go beyond these test).  It does put me off eating in the gastro pub….

To be fair, the Golden Lion does not advocate as a “gastro pub”.  You are selling home cooked food with discount.  I am questioning to myself, am I right to criticise for something given with 30% discount?

I hope to see you soon when I recover from this bad experience.

08. December 2015 by myprice
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