My little seafood odyssey – Introduction

Here, my little seafood odyssey.  I am not all but fish and chips.  I am deviating my journey.  Following are the little tasters. Firstly, Cocorico.

Cocorico, Whetstone, London, N20 9HJ, 5 May 2018


Spaghetti con vongole, spaghetti with fresh clams, garlic, touch of chilli, paisley & wine sauce, £9.90


I must say it is a good price for fresh clams.  And it was a lot of them (though smaller side) !!! However, shamefully, the sauce was far too much olive oil and far too much salt.  So much so, I woke up 3 times during the night to grab a glass of water.  Not a good outcome!!!  5/10.

Ciao Bella, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 3LZ, 12 May 2018

Spaghetti all’ Aragosta, With Half Lobster in Fresh Tomato Sauce £20

Great portion sizes, yes definitely half lobster here.  However, big however, when you turned the lobster around it is completely empty.  Yes, there were a few pieces of lobster meat in the spaghetti but I cannot feel but cheated.  Lots of fresh tomatoes, great sauce with lots of fishy stock flavour. Not too salty which often the disappointment.  £20 for this is simply too expensive.  7/10.



28. May 2018 by myprice
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