The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill Village, London, NW7 1RL, 12 June 2015

Hooray! The hottest summer day of the year, nearly 25C in London, I am so enjoying not being cold.  Ah, what a good timing, it is Friday! (TFI Friday, I wish they did not bring this back, even for once, loved the program then, still love Chris Evans, just not a big fun of nostalgia (including re-united ANY old bands!!!! Please, somebody stop them all!!!!).

Anyway, taking advantage of warm evening, here we are at the Adam and Eve, very pleasant beer garden.

Adam & Eve

Double thumbs up! This is a perfect Amstel pint, cold, perfect fizziness + bitterness of beer to take all the stress of work away! Yey!

Well, what a good start.  The only next thing is -> Beer battered fish and chips, mushy peas, tartar sauce, at £10.95, funny, as the website shows 11.95!  I welcome this mistake.

Adam & Eve

NOOOOOOOOO!!! This was the absolute my first impression.

I could not believe what I am seeing.  Now I show you how bad it is.

Adam & Eve

A completely flat fish.

1. Fish 0/10.  This was the absolute worst fish ever presented to me.   The thickness of the fish including batter is approx 0.5cm (0.2inches).  This fish must be frozen.  And it was frozen for ages, it was rancid, freezer burned.  And the batter was gooey.  I ate them all to make sure that I am not wrong.  I had a frozen fish not long ago at my in-laws (Yong’s Chip-shop range, it was actually really good so I had to ask!) .  That was 10 times better.  This is not a joke.  I saw somebody was eating fish and chips as I walked into the pub.  It looked much better.  I suspect they sold out.  Then, they dug old fish out deep from the freezer.  I wish they told me it was sold out.

2. Chips 8/10.  It was freshly cooked.  Very nice.

3. Mushy peas 0/10.  Again, the absolute worst I ever tasted.  No moisture whatsoever.  Texture is like very bad mashed potatoes, not mashed enough, not seasoning enough and very dried.

Overall 1.5/10.  Ah, what a bad outcome after giving us a good start with perfect beer.  We did not see this coming as pub itself seems running really well, good beer, clean (including toilet) and friendly staff.

To make it worse, look at this dessert.  I don’t know why, but I ordered dessert after my fish and chips.  It is a banofee pie.

Adam & Eve

How thick is the crust?

Obviously I could not eat the crust, too thick, too hard, unable to break. I mildly mentioned to the waiter when he came to take the plate away.   I could tell, he knew this, I am sure that I was not the first person mentioned this.

I won’t be back here.

I am often asked where is the best fish and chips in London.  Then, I suddenly realized that I have not had a good experience since I started this very informative blog.  Is this meaning I am particularly having bad luck?

Please somebody tell me where is the best fish and chips serving pub!!!!!  I am willing to travel!!!

Good night!

13. June 2015 by myprice
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