The Crown & Anchor, Euston, London NW1 2HL, 1 September 2017

Good evening.  I told you my journey continues.  I can have 2 fish and chips a day.  Here I am at the Crown & Anchor, Euston , celebrating start of weekend.

Ready for next Fish and Chips number 2!

Fish & Chips – line-caught cod, ale-battered, served with triple-cooked chips, must peas & tartare sauce £12.95.  Over twice of what I paid at lunch time today.

Oh dear…. I don’t like my food served in a chopping board

Naf naf grilled lemon, I have not seen it for a while…

  1. Fish 1/10 : As soon as I saw the dark batter, I knew this was over cooked and it was.  Furthermore, batter was so thick and hard, I have to work hard to cut in pieces on this small chopping board, make sure grease not to jump on my dress.  In fact, batter was so thick, fish pieces must be so thin.  But it was too greasy, I could not finish it.  Of course, no adding benefit from grilled lemon.
  2. Chips 3/10 : I am not sure if this is triple cooked.  Not crunchy, but mushy texture without any flavour. Must been frozen chips.
  3. Mushy peas 1/10: Same tin stuff from lunch time but unlike our NHS, stingy portion.

Even though I could not finish this dish, at the end of the meal around my mouth was shining with grease…..

I am so disappointed.  I was really looking forward to compare/contrast 2 x fish and chips I ate in a day.   This is really bad food, I don’t know how they could charge £12.95, I just ate something very similar (if not, better, it was not greasy!!!) for less than 1/2 price!

I won’t be back!

My journey definitely continues….

05. September 2017 by myprice
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