Gigs fish and chips restaurant, Fitzrovia, London W1T 4RE, 23 September 2017

Hello hello hello! I am doing well this month, my fish and chips No. 3 tonight at Gigs fish and chips restaurant, Fitzrovia, London.  The restaurant front states “Fitzrovia’s famous” but I don’t usually take notice of these kind of self declare greatness.

Lovely simple menu with good selection of fish, i.e., Cod, Haddock, Rock Salmon, Plaice, Scampi, Karamari rings

I like the pricing too, ranging from £11.50 – £12.40 plus recommends  a side of mushy peas for £1.80.  Also it proudly states fish delivered daily.  I first asked for haddock, which was sold out, therefore went for Cod, with a side of mushy peas (repeat : extra £1.80), of course.

take away attached to the restaurant, I have noticed good flow of punters

OMG, smells so good in the whole, small but clean, neat restaurant area.  Just cannot wait!!!

May not look so (?because too hungry) but I am so happy with the first impression!!

Check this out, great portion size!

Piping hot!!

  1. Fish  9/10 Delicious!!!! I am not sure what this batter is but it is evident that this fish was cooked in clean, fresh oil.  Fish was certainly fresh, beautiful white flesh was perfectly cook through but not slightest overcooked.  Batter was not too thick or thin, attached softly on this beautiful fish flesh, crunchy texture at outside.  Taste of batter itself does not stand out which is important as this delicate white fish flavour would be overwritten.
  2. Chips 9/10 Delicious!!!! Even more evident that these chips was cooked in clean oil, almost taste aromatic.  I actually asked the waiter, who proudly told me all cooked in ground nut oil (I later found this in written in the menu).  These chips were so delicious, I ate one by one, slowly chewing, enjoyed every bit of it.  BTW, I always think chips taste better if you eat with fingers.  No matter how posh the circumstances, I must eat chips with my fingers.  Honestly, try!
  3. Mushy peas 1/10  Total disappointment for extra £1.80, just from the tins, why don’t you give us for free as a garnish instead of making fuss (probably only need  1/5 of this portion size)?

Overall though impressive 9/10, wow, so good.  Now even writing this make my mouth watering.  I cannot wait to go back!!! I go there now!!!!

Thank you Gigs!!!

28. September 2017 by myprice
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