Foodhouse Restaurant, The Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, London NW3 2QG, 1 September 2017

Good afternoon (!), a bit change from my usual Fish and Chips scenery (and time, this is lunch time!), the report from Foodhouse restaurant, The Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, the rare insight from NHS institution.  I have previously reported from A NHS hospital too.  It is all of our interest to find out what is our most beloved institution is doing in terms of Fish and chips.

Battered/breaded (have choices!) and chips, £4.53 for staff £5.25 for visitor.

Quite frankly, visually cannot tell the difference between battered and breaded.

Nearly ready!

Expectation is high!

Battered fish looks hard-done

Look the portion size of mashy peas

  1. Fish 2/10  : Sorry for harsh marking!!! But batter was hard, dry but nothing crispy about and far too thick.  Inside of this thick batter, here it is a very dry, tasteless white fish without skin.  Without doubt, this is (likely including batter) a frozen food action.
  2. Chips 3/10 : At the time it felt better than 3/10 because fish was so bad. But, I recall again, very dry texture, less than average
  3. Mushy peas 3/10 : at first bite, I could tell this is straight from the tin.  I could taste metal.  Portion far to big!!!

I can remember all food texture mixed in my mouth with dry, mushy and plain with minimum flavour with hint of metal tin.

However, a big however, over all score is generous 6/10, this is after all what they did best in our beloved institution with limited resources.  It was hot, good hygiene standard (saw proud hygiene 5 sticker) and cheap!

Interesting debate was regarding mushy peas, while I was describing “metal taste”, one of my peer from Newcastle reported this is what she knows and this is how it should be.  When I started mentioning  “hint of mint, batter, blah blah blah….” her face actually blanked!!!!

Yes of course,  Critics is only a SUBJECTIVE opinion, I am back to my basic, my journey continues!

05. September 2017 by myprice
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