The Old Dairy, Crouch Hill, London, N4 4AP, 14 March 2019

YOYOYO! Thursdays are the new Fish and Chips days, here we are at The Old Dairy, Crouch Hill.

Fresh cold Amstel, taste would be better when served in a tall pint glass

Fish & Chips, beer battered haddock, pea puree, tartare sauce £14.00.  We are witnessing a steady inflation busting price rise in the fish and chips world.  In this rate, we will be paying £25 for a fish and chips within 2 years in the post Brexit Britain.

I was caught off guard with the shape of the plate.

No compromise in the portion size, good Old Dairy!

Check this out! Visibly thick flesh!

  1. Fish 8/10.  I like it!  This thick flesh was literally chunky, perfectly cooked, juicy, but not watery.  This fresh quality fish with tasty skin was coated with the thin batter which perfectly added crunchy texture to the ever so slightly rawish fish (but cooked through – this is why juiciness was well preserved).  Batter was simple without any funny twists. Yes, when foods are cooked properly, you do not need any funny twists (such as added herbs, etc).
  2. Chips 8/10.  Delicious.  Crunchy outside and fluffy inside.  Lots of proper potato earthy flavour.  I don’t believe they was pre-seasoned.  However, I did not need to add any salt/pepper.
  3. Pea puree 8/10.  I would not call “puree” for this texture, it was more like mashed.  Nevertheless, fresh green colour was appealing on generally brown dish of the Fish and Chips, slight hint of butter was pleasant.

My peer was describing the tartare ‘zingy’.  She was convinced this was special recipe.  Great observation.

Munching mouthful of  fish and chips provided us a slightly (not too much) greasy feel inside of the mouth as it would, which was easily refreshed with a mouthful of cold beer.  HEAVEN!

Overall impressive 8/10, a good example of simple food executed very well.  We will surely be back!  Good night!

17. March 2019 by myprice
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