The World’s End, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3EF, 14 February 2019

YOYOYO! I am back! Confession…. I was having a bit of break from Fish and Chips.  If I am honest, I was a bit bored of Fish and Chips.  I know many people eat Fish and Chips every Friday….But I can assure you I still have a sufficient palate to be the Fish and Chips critic.

Here we were on Thursday night at Finsbury Park, North London, had a hard exercise of tenpin bowling at the cool Rowans bowling.  After the session, there are plenty of choices for food and drink but we arrived at The World’s End.

Fish & Chips, Beer battered Haddock, mushy peas, mint, tartar sauce £13.5

AHHHHH! grilled lemon, actually very hot YAK!

Food served on metal oven tray

  1. Fish  4/10, We ordered 4 x Fish and chips and we were told only 2 left, so it must be a fresh fish.  When fish is very fresh, usually the flesh should feel much firmer, which I did not feel.  In fact, it was soft and watery, but different from under/over cooked, not a good texture.  I had to attribute to sub optimal quality.  Skin was removed, very little flavour.
  2. Chips 4/10.  They were touched by some “flavoured salt”,  One of my peer has more than average knowledge of these thing, two of us thought long and hard but did not know what it was….some sort of curryish flavour too…. I felt this was too much of a deviation and totally unnecessary.
  3. Mushy pea 8/10 This was probably the star of the dish.  Hint of butter and mint but strong pea taste. Wanted more of them!!!

The worst experience was that as I was eating, slightly greasy oil from batter started soaking into the paper.  Then paper started to break down, I had to be so careful not to eat broken paper which could stick to my food!!! YAK!!!

Overall very disappointing 3/10, my Amstel beer was felt flat too….

I won’t be back!  Good night!

17. February 2019 by myprice
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