The Phoenix Artist Club, London, WC2H 8BU, 5 February 2015

Hello! Told you I will be back.  Here I am at The Phoenix Artist Club.  It is a pub but some small numbers of tables have lovely crispy table cloths with large wine glasses standing by, makes the area a chick “brasserie” .


But of course I am not having wine, give me a pint!

More and more pubs are now serving independent brewery beers which is a definitely joy of visiting pub even for me who is a creature of habit (i.e., fosters, amstel, becks vier).  This one was a lager (forgot the name) but slightly too bitter for my liking though cannot fault it, very well served with perfect temperature.


Menu is nothing complicated which is good!  Freshly battered cod, chunky chips, pea puree, homemade tartar sauce, pea shoots.

But it is £13.  Steep! Yes I have paid more previously, but whenever I see Fish and Chips more than £13, my heart palpitates.  This must be rooted to some negative experience.  Well but this is central London.  What can you do?

First impression....SMALL!

First impression….SMALL!

Nothing stands out to shout me "Look, this is #13, very special@

Nothing stands out to shout me “Look, this is £13 worth”.  Soooo average.

1.  Fish 5/10.  Well cooked, fish remain moist and juicy.  Though cannot wipe the fact it is so average + very small piece for the money.
2. Chips 5/10.  Again, average.  It is not chunky chips but just an average, not even hand made.  To be fair, on the menu it did not say “hand cut”.  However, with this price it is not unreasonable to ask “hand cut chunky chips”.
3. Pea puree 1/10.  Sorry forks but this was the worst pea puree ever.  First, there is no bright green colour to be seen.  Second, very very salty.  Also, yes a pea shoot was on top of my small fish though it was nothing more than a garnish.  Is it even worth mentioning on the menu?

Overall average 4.5/10.  Lost many marks on overprice and small fish.  It is worth mentioning that I had to have pudding as I was still hungry after finishing all.  I will definitely back for drinks but unlikely for Fish and Chips.

Good night!

08. February 2015 by myprice
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