The Beach Hut, Highbury, London N5 1QJ, 28 July 2017

Good Evening! Something different tonight, I am coming to The Beach House, Highbury, by my colleague’s recommendation. She takes my passion of Fish and Chips critic quite seriously. Thank you!

Beach Hut Highbury

I am pointing very important sign.

Beach Hut Highbury

Check this out! Hygiene 5! Highest standard!

This is actually reassuring.  This is because we recently witnessed Hygiene 1 in a restaurant near the British Museum.  We could not believe our eyes.  Surprisingly the restaurant is continuously operating its business.  Is this allowed?  Somebody tell me!!!

This place is technically “chippy”.  It is successfully fancied up to make it looks like cute chippy near the beach with highest hygiene standard.  We can eat in with our own beer (BYO) hooray!
A bit disappointed though, it was only small fish and chips available, also it is priced £8.00 (eat in), £6.00 (take away).  Not quite sure if this is good value or not.

Beach Hut Highbury

Initial impression – Tiny portion!!!

It may not look small on this photo, but the diner plate was traditional ~9 inches (approx 23cm) plate, not the ones we are used these days.  We are more likely using ~12 inches plates.  In fact, since 1960’s, the surface area of our average dinner plate has increased by 36%, I am sure it is contributing to obese epidemic, we all eat too much!!!

Beach Hut Highbury

I had to order mashy peas separately, cannot remember the cost due to beer effect

Beach Hut Highbury

Now you can see how small the fish and chips, mashy peas looks disproportionally huge for a side dish.

Beach Hut Highbury

Too undercooked

  1. Fish 5/10. Too undercooked for “fish and chips”.  Personally I have no issues eating raw fish but this is not supposed to be.  Also, batter felt a bit greasy in mouth, no joy of crunchy fresh batter combined with fluffy fish.  Instead, greasy batter combined with sticky rawish fish texture.  But I must say, fish was very fresh.  Shame!
  2. Chips 5/10,  Again, felt a bit greasy.
  3. Mashy peas 5/10, This is not mashy peas, it is half crushed peas.  For flavour, no twists whatsoever, basically just peas.

Overall disappointing 5/10.  I was disappointed with small portion (though it is meant to be small), because I paid £8.00.  Also, the eating area was totally empty, and this was Friday night, suggestive of true reputation? Unlike in FishFish in Highgate, as my previous visit, we did not observe any sign of streaming order of take aways.

Nevertheless, it was lovely evening, in the mock-beach chippy.  And at least, it was hygienic dinner!

Good night!

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