The Marquis of Westminster, Pimlico, London, SW1V 1RY, 22 June 2019

Yo! Thought I will be famous but NOT ! after all.  My interview by New York based food and wine web magazine took place.  He promised me to promote me, but this was not happened, I was not cited on his article.  Oh well, it was an experience, nevertheless, I still have hope… one day, one day, I will get there.

Anyway, sunny summer evening in London, having great pint at The Marquis of Westminster.

Yo Yo Yo!

High expectation to the Fish and Chips after being served a great beer and lots of people are enjoying food and drink.  Simple and easy menu reads “Fish &Chips,  A classic fresh haddock in beer batter, triple cooked chips, garden peas & tartare sauce £13.50”, nice one! Good pricing for the location – let’s ignore the fact that only a year or two ago, I was angry with this sort of price.   Got used to the Brexit related inflation.

First impression – 3/10

I don’t like to be served my food in a camping plate after all, paying £13.50.

Where are the garden peas?

Found them. Literally these are all. 1 teaspoonful of peas.

1. : Fish : 5/10 – Far too greasy,  In the end, I had to take them out.  Fish – unable to recall due to grease overpowered by the batter.

2. Chips 5/10 – Nice, well seasoned.  But, the big but, I wish there were more of it, I was given 8 chips.  I counted.

3. Garden peas 2/10 – literally garden peas straight from frozen, just like you and me can have at home, but only 1 teaspoonful.  Stingy portion with no twist.

I would be happy if this was served at a campsite, but no, not in the London pub.  For that reason, I won’t be eating here again.  Good night!

05. July 2019 by myprice
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