GIGS Fish and Chips restaurant, Fitzrovia, London W1T 4RE, 26 November 2020

I am back to GIGS, first time since 2017– I was young, enthusiastic.  I cannot believe it has been 3 years since I visited this delightful place.  In fact, we tried a few times during the lockdowns – it was either closed or opened limited hours.
Gigs Fish and chips FitzroviaTraditional fish and chips ranging form Cod to Kalamari rings £13.9- 14.50.  According to my previous post from 2017, it was ranging £11.5 – 12.40.  This is 17 – 21% price hike in the past 3 years.  I am sure I saw worse than this.  Mashy pea was £1.8  – now £2.00 – 10% up.

Gigs Fish and chips Fitzrovia

Sorry about my face, I am actually enjoying heat from the dish, it was such a cold night!

Gigs Fish and chips Fitzrovia

Check this beauty

  1. Fish – 8/10,  this was haddock.  Absolutely nice and thick flesh was cooked through – but did not loose juiciness – you know, some overcooked fish could become dry.  Crunchy and very simple batter – back to basic. Hot!
  2. Chips 8/10  Of course, great portion and freshly cooked steamy chips – what more can we ask on the cold night like this? Again, back to basic.
  3. Mashy pea – can you believe it, I forgot to order….  completely my error – but I was not prompted!

These days I am used to be served “seasoned” fish and chips, so I was a bit taken back by the notion of “season by yourself with salt, pepper, vinegar to your taste”.  I get that this is the tradition of takeaway from chippies.  However, it is also true, it is a chef’s responsibility and opportunity to showcase their palate to the audience.

Nevertheless, great honesty foods.  Back to basic, you are fighter, you will survive.  I must go back to sample mashy peas!

Good night!

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