The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo, London SE1 7AY, 11 May 2018

I am back here at The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo, following  the successful recent visit.


Ale Battered Haddock, hand cut chips, pea puree tartar sauce £13.50

I used to get shocked by the price, for example, I felt almost unforgivable paying £13.00 back in 2014.  Since then, so much happening (including Brexit related inflation), I am not surprised by £13.50 anymore.


Steamy hot!


Too much salt flakes, with deep fried saturated fatty foods + too much salt, the heart attack combination


  1. Fish 8/10, batter well integrated with thick and juicy fish, salt flakes absolutely unnecessary.
  2. Chips 8/10 Lovely, definitely handout! steamy hot, crunchy outside, fluffy inside.  Could do a few more of those
  3. Pea 6/10 this is not pea puree, puree should be smooth without bits, taste ok but discrepancy with the menu.

Great job again, for the consistency overall impressive 8/10.  I will be back.  Good night!

28. May 2018 by myprice
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