Peter’s Fish Factory, Ramsgate, East Kent, CT11 8LP, 1 May 2016

Special Bank Holiday report from Fish and Chips critic, from Sunny Kent coast, Uuuuuu, exciting!
We walked from Margate, Broadstairs then to Ramsgate, all the way via beautiful coast line, it was impressive just over 14km!!!!  We obviously deserve our 1,000kcal lunch.

Fish and Chips, ramsgate

Looks famous Chippie. I am prepare to queue.

Fish and Chips, ramsgate

It must be famous. And it is! 4.5 stars by the Trip adviser. I swear, I just looked now, this was not my knowledge when we decided to queue. I simply followed the crowd.

After patiently queuing for 15 minutes, we were close to the ordering counter.

Fish and Chips, ramsgate

Military operation!

Staff were all working tirelessly, handling very stressful situation very well.   Keep smiling, apologising all for waiting.  All queuing customers were also behaving well.  This must be the bank holiday effect, impressive!

Fish and Chips, ramsgate

After 15 minutes queuing to order, then another 10 minutes wait, finally we got them!

Fish and Chips, ramsgate

Ah my hair! then who cares?

My head was panicking with hunger, I can’t tell you exact price, but we paid just over £8 for 2 small fishes (but easily medium in pubs) and 1 large chips.  It felt expensive side.  But I must say,

  1.  Fish 8/10.  Delicious! Batter well integrated to the chunky juicy cod, so shame you took skin off.  Colour between yellow and gold, crunchy but not greasy.  Steamy hot but oil well drained.  How did they manage while having streaming orders.  Amazing!
  2. Chips 8/10 Again, not too greasy.  I often find chips from chippie can be too greasy, but this wasn’t.

In pubs, “beer battered” is usually one of the selling points, along with “line caught” “sustainable” blah blah blah.  Today, my experience raise a question, is it necessary to be beer battered?  What makes it so special?  Does it make colour slightly darker? What is the significance?  This gives me an another direction in critic.

10 minutes later…

Fish and Chips, ramsgate

A few minutes off the harbour, so close, you can see the harbour from the shop.

Fish and Chips, ramsgate

Large fish and chips take away for £4.50….. no queues.  Some diners in the shop.

If we were there for one more day, I would definitely try, then I could, compare and contrast for famous vs infamous.

Anyway, this is an another direction too.  Watch the space!

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***Update! Café Rouge, Highgate, London, N6 6BP, 15 April 2016

Hello.  As I was so impressed with Café Rouge a few weeks ago, I decided to go back there to test their consistency.  Yes, consistency.  Again and again, I have been let down by many places.  But I have a high hope.  This is a national chain, surviving for so long, keep evolving since 1989, while their peers such as “Dome” disappearing (for those who remember!!).  And of course, as a savvy critic (my new nickname), I got a 50% off main course voucher again, thank you!  To test the true consistency, we went back to the same venue, Highgate.

Cafe Rouge Highgate London

The same menu, all I needed to do was to check it is there.

Hooray, Poisson Frites for £6.50 (£13 full price, at the time of ordering, they did not know we will submit the voucher at the end, hehehe).

Cafe Rouge Highgate London

Here we are! Fish looks slightly “inflated”,  suggesting cooked in too high temperature.

Cafe Rouge Highgate London

Grilled naff lemon was the same.

Cafe Rouge Highgate London

Pommes Frites found under Poisson Frites.

Quite frankly, I remember my disappointment at first bite.  Overall it felt greasy.  I am afraid this is all I can say, I am being honest here, because I have forgotten small details by now!

BTW, can somebody tell me, is anybody actually pay full billing price in Café Rouge?

I certainly will be back to try again, and to report straight away, with some sort of voucher firmly on my hand.

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Café Rouge, Highgate, London, N6 6BP, 11 March 2016

Happy Friday, I am celebrating my beloved Friday with, of course, Fish and Chips.  Today, I am doing something slightly different, a British soul food, Fish and Chips at French (chain) bistro, Café Rouge.  One of my colleague told me she had one on Thursday night and and was mildly praising.  I must do (copy) this.  Conveniently, Voucher Codes sent me a voucher of 50% main courses at Café Rouge.  Yey!

Cafe Rouge Highgate, London

Wow, this is certainly different.  Poisson Frites.  Hake fillet in a beer & mustard batter with pea shoots, frites and tartar sauce.

£13 is top end of what I pay these days in pubs.  I went Café Rouge so many times in the past but never gave any attention to Poisson Frites.  But who does!?

Cafe Rouge Highgate, London

Fantastic first impression, love the big fish in golden batter.

Cafe Rouge Highgate, London

Ah, no mushy peas, but it is OK, this is French version, But is the naff grilled lemon French?

Cafe Rouge Highgate, London

Even bigger smile on my face. Hey fish skin on, well done mate!

  1. Fish 9/10.  Wow what a surprise.  Fish was slightly firm and dry but it is because the fish was hake, not because of the way of cooking.  Having skin on makes such a difference in terms of flavour.   It gives more depth together with hot crunchy golden batter, skin, and firm flesh when munching.  Not giving full mark only because I could not taste “mustard” in batter (though I could see mustard grains), what is the significance of having mustard in the batter.
  2. French fries 9/10. Delicious, crunchy AND already seasoned perfectly.  Not too salty but enough to bring out of the sweetness and warmth of potatoes.
  3. Pea shoots….sorry no score on pea shoots, what is the point of this? Yes I ate them, taste of weed… as Michel Roux Jr says at Master chef, don’t put anything on the plate which you cannot eat!

Overall 9/10 despite pea cock ups, you have made a massive impression to Fish and Chips critic.  Don’t ever underestimate French!  Even better, I had 50% off, costed me an impressive £6.50.  THANK YOU Café Rouge!

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Simpsons Fish and Chips, Cheltenham GL52 5AL, 5 March 2016

Good evening, I am tasting tonight at Simpsons Fish and Chips, Cheltenham.  This is not ordinary Fish and chips, it is UK’s No.1 Fish and Chips Takeaway award 2016 by the SEAFISH, the authority of the seafood (who are you?).

Simpsons Fish And Chip, Cheltenham

Inside of the shop is buzzing with people!

Simpson Fish and Chips, Cheltenham

The proud sign!

Simpsons Fish And Chip, Cheltenham

I am going for fish (cod) and chips, £6.90

£6.90 is cheap compared to £13.00 (of course), I paid 2 days ago (see my last post), but it is not cheap for takeaway. But hey, here is the No. 1 in the whole country.

Simpson Fish and Chips, Cheltenham

All the prizes and Hygiene standard top rate 5!

Often I wonder, how genuine and credible is this hygiene rate?  How long ago this was awarded?  How often is this reviewed? The other day, I saw a little cafe putting a photocopied sign. If you do that, would you be prosecuted?

Simpson Fish and Chips, Cheltenham

This is it! No. 1 in the country.

  1. Fish 6/10 This cannot be the No.1 in the whole country. Yes it was take away so some of the crunchiness of the batter had lost, which is OK.  But fish was dry, and ah, no skin! how disappointing.  Also what is so special about this batter?  Or may be I am used to “beer battered”?
  2. Chips 8/10.  They are good! proper chips, love them! Strong potato taste, hit my stomach spot in this cold night! Yey!

Overall 6/10, did not leave me massive impression.  Shame!

Is this just me thinking, how come you can give an award for 2016 already, it is only March, we have some 9 months to go this year, anything can happen in the world of Fish and Chips!

This experience taught me I have to broaden my horizon to take away world.  Then one day, I may be able to be a panel of National Fish and Chips awards.  I now see my career goal.

Good night!

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The Riverfront, BFI Southbank, London, SE18XT, 3 March 2016

Good evening all!  It has been over 3 months since I had my last fish and chips.  I have been having rest from it, to give a rest to my palate.  So that I can continue to be a reliable critic.  The Riverfront, here is the important place for me, the birth place of Fish and Chip critic, as I explained before.

Riverside Bar & Restaurant, Southbank, London

My pint time!  One of my favourite, AMSTEL.

I am smiling but when I saw this pint, I knew it is sub-optimal pint.  Just looks flat and it tasted flat.  I had this experience before in here.  Very disappointing.  To be fair, the second pint was perfect.  For not be able to provide the important consistency, 5/10.
Riverside Bar & Restaurant, Southbank, LondonFISH & CHIPS, Beer battered haddock fillet, mushy peas & tartare sauce, £13.oo.  Same price as 14 months ago, nice of you, not reflecting inflation but still not cheap!!

Riverside Bar & Restaurant, Southbank, London

First impression, the dish is too small, foods were piling up.  Not pretty.

Riverside Bar & Restaurant, Southbank, London

 So I moved ketchup, tartar sauce, mushy peas from the dish.  Still too small for the amount of the food.
Riverside Bar & Restaurant, Southbank, London

Served in plastic cups. Naff!

  1. FISH 7/10.  No skin! why! Any fish eating nation knows skin (descaled!) is tasty part of fish.  Though it was firm yet juicy.
  2. Chips. 0/0  Because they are not chips, these are french fries.  I had similar experience before at elsewhere.  I can now assure you that fish and french fries are not same as fish and chips we know. French fries are so much thinner, which means larger surface area make them so much greasier experience as a whole dish.  Not a fan.
  3. Mushy peas 0/10.  The worst mushy peas ever.  To start with, served tiny amount in a plastic cup.  This was almost hard, strange vinegary after taste.  Very strange taste.  Yak!

You may think why I go back same place again.  But tonight proved that even in the same place, food changes (including presentation) periodically.  I will also look at consistency too.   Overall 4/10 (lost points  due to no rating on chips and terrible mushy peas), previously scored overall 6/10 (Oct 14).  I gave you  enough areas to work on!

My journey continues, Good night!

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The Golden Lion, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39, 27 November 2015

Hello from Lancashire, updating the report from the event over a week ago.  I am sure we all have a moment, “oh I have to update my blog (or whatever you have to do)” then, “oh I do XXX (such as sorting out old clothes for charity shop donation, mmm urgent!)” then turning into “I do anything but”.

Anyway, nobody cares my report except me. So I still do it!

Looking to escape from the rain, conveniently we were in front of The Golden Lion in Ormskirk, Lancashire.  Fancy a fish and chips, less than 10 miles from the sea, here we are at a little pleasant market town, I can expect good home cooking.

The Golden Lion Ormskirk

Codfather £6.99 Locally Sourced Cod Fillet in our homemade Beer Batter, served with Chips and Peas. £6.99

…OK, Codfather…..  I have seen a few takeaway shops with this name.  Ah,  then they are specialists!  I may be able to expect the excellence.

The Golden Lion Ormskirk

Even better, 30% discount per person.  However, I am sceptical with discount after the recent experience in The Three Crowns.  Anyway, worth a try.  In the way, this poster shows the confidence in promoting their products.

The Golden Lion Ormskirk

Arrived within 5 minutes of ordering.  Quick!  However, this is a standard looking.

1 Fish 0/10.  Very thin look fish.  Hot outside but cold/lukewarm inside.  No skin on fish, no taste.  Terrible texture inside, fish was not cooked properly.  As you are eating, this is getting worse.
2. Chips 3/10.  A standard frozen chip.  Nothing else to say.  At least they were hot and cooked throughout.
3. Peas 3/10.  A standard frozen peas.  A microwave job.

Total 2/10.  This is one of the worst fish I ever tasted.  In fact, now thinking about it put me off from ordering Fish and chips in the pub.

Also, what I noticed with the Masterchef professional in the current series is that  almost all chefs from “gastro pubs” do really badly.  Check their performance in “the mean skill test” + “the invention test” (they don’t usually go beyond these test).  It does put me off eating in the gastro pub….

To be fair, the Golden Lion does not advocate as a “gastro pub”.  You are selling home cooked food with discount.  I am questioning to myself, am I right to criticise for something given with 30% discount?

I hope to see you soon when I recover from this bad experience.

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The Three Crowns, Stoke Newington, London, N16 0LH, 27 October 2015

Hehehe, I am doing something naughty, going out for Fish and Chips + beers on a school night.  Funny how you still feel guilty (just me?) well into your adulthood…

Anyway, we are at The Three Crowns @hip Stoke Newington.  It has to be good reason to go out on a school night.

3 Crowns Stoke Newington N16

Wow! Fish & Chips Buy one get another for £1.00!!! Tuesday special!!

The menu reads well, “Cornish ale buttered fish & chips w/mushy peas & tartar sauce -£11.95.  Good pricing for hip part of Hackney.  It is even better as this is essentially £6.50 per person, Hooray!

3 Crowns Stoke Newington N16

My first pint absolutely delicious, I cannot remember what it was, then second pint Amstel was substandard I am afraid. Not cold enough! Gruuuuuuu

3 Crowns Stoke Newington N16

After a long wait, finally….ah, immediately I noticed. This fish is kiddy’s portion… tiny.

  1. Fish 5/10.  Delicious fish, juicy, steamy hot, batter is unusually thin but crunchy, well integrated with fish.  This reminded me “tempura” batter.  Just soooo disappointed with the size of fish.
  2. Chips 7/10.  Shame it was not as hot as fish which leaves some sense of discomfort in the mouth (feels like being cheated, make sense?).  Slightly overcooked though cannot say it was bad chips in terms of taste.
  3. Mushy peas 1/10.  Absolutely substandard.  The horrible brown colour.  No taste.

Overall disappointing 5/10, largely due to kiddy’s portion.  Felt totally mislead it is not get one buy another for £1.  Rather, get 1/2 portion for 1/2 price.

However, I would happily pay full price for the quality for fish providing I will get a proper man’s portion.  Then, I sort of lost trust in you.  Who to say this was 1/2 portion, there is always a risk that I pay £11.95 then still get kiddy’s portion.

When I got home, I had a binge chocolate session as I was still hungry. Made me feel really guilty, school night out + chocolate binge….

Going out on a school night was not good idea after all….

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The Orange Tree, Totteridge, London, N20 8NX, 18 September 2015

Hello hello hello Friday, tonight at The Orange Tree in Totteridge, continuing my Fish and Chips study.

Orange Tree, Totteridge, London

Becks Vier, served well, but not my favourite 4% lager, I am sure you previously served Amstel, which by far, better beer.

Let’s not mess about, the only reason I am here tonight is Fish and chips, here we are, Beer-battered line-caught cod with twice-cooked chunky chips, minted pea purée and tartare sauce £12.50.  Funny, £12.50 does no longer sound expensive, ah, people are having glasses of Procecco in this place…. And, Cooooool, the waitress takes order via iPhone which send order straight to the kitchen, no room for mistake here!

Orange Tree, Totteridge, London

First thought….grilled lemon! AHHHHHH!!!

Orange Tree, Totteridge, London

As we are taking photo, I am feeling steam coming from the dish, ah….so appetising, just cannot wait! I also recovered from the first shock sight of grilled lemon, as the lemon was not hot in my hand.

  1.  Fish 10/10.  Delicious!!!! Skin is on, which is always good sign, fresh, juicy and flavoursome.  Batter perfectly coated fish, not too thick, not too thin, well integrated with fish.  A fantastic texture, does not feel greasy at all until the last bite.   No strange twists (i.e., herbs in batter) as this kind of pretentious places commonly apply to their foods.
  2. Chips 10/10 OMG.  They are divine. Again, a fantastic texture, crunchy outside, perfectly fluffy inside, packed with absolute fresh, honest potato flavour.  Not a hint of greasiness.
  3. Peas 8/10.  Delicious.  Only minus point is that this was rather crushed pea, not pea puree.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with crushed pea, you just need to describe better.

Shame, tartare sauce should have been in the pot.  As foods were so hot, tartare source soon melted in the dish made it very messy and became “uncontrollable”.  I did not necessarily want my foods covered by melted tartare sauce, as they were so delicious as they were.

OMG, this may be one of my best experience so far, I can give firm 9/10.  I will be back soon, to test “consistency”.   Previously I was disappointed often in this category.  One good fish and chips is certainly good to celebrate.  However, if you can reproduce the quality then there certainly be a reason to celebrate and earn my recognition.

Good night!!!

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FISH WORKS, Piccadilly, London, W1B 4DE, 28 August 2015

I am having an another fish and chips, three weeks in a low, this is remarkable.  This was not a plan but I could not resist after a few pints in a pub, but this time a bit different, we are at FISH WORKS, Piccadilly.

Having wine for change, posh me!

“Lyme Bay cider battered prime cod fillet with double cooked chips, Cornish sea salt, minted mushy peas and fresh gherkins and baby capers tartare £14.95″…..MMM, this is the most expensive Fish and Chips I have ever ever came across…..

Fishworks Swallow St London W1

I did not know what to expect with a price tag of£14.95.  It is worth mentioning that the bucket holding chips was ceramic, not an ordinary enamel pot.  I repeat, a ceramic pot….

Fishworks Swallow St London W1

Not a traditional presentation, very “vertical”.

  1. Fish 8/10. Delicious.  Firm but not hard, flavoursome, moist but not watery.  Batter is thin, it is not what we know in terms of fish and chips batter… difficult to explain but I felt I cannot call this fish of “fish and chips”.  I hope it make sense.  Shame they took skin off.
  2. Chips 10/10.  Delicious.  Double cooked is definitely better than triple cooked which tends to go too hard.  This was crunchy outside but fluffy inside.  What “wowed” me was, when I picked up a few left over chips later on when they went completely cold, it was still just as delicious.  Well done!
  3. Mushy peas 8/10.  Delicious but slightly too buttery and also this was not mushy but pureed!!!!

Overall a fantastic 9/10 for Fish Works.  However, a big however.  With service charge (included in the bill), this was a very expensive fish and chips.  I will go on a riot if this was not good.  Will I be happy to pay £14.95 + service charge for fish and chips? Probably not.  I paid as a part of my study.

My journey continue….

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The Bald Faced Stag, East Finchley, London, N2 8AB, 21 August 2015

Hooray! Love Friday again, here we are at the Bald Faced Stag, East Finchley, having cheeky pint again!

Perfect, cold and crunchy to my throat, the joy of Lager.

Perfect, cold and crunchy to my throat, the joy of Lager.

Cracking on my study of Fish and chips.  Bear battered cod, triple cooked chips, mashy peas, tartare sauce £12.50.  Oh, 9% (£1.00) higher than a neighbouring pub, bullish!
stag8We were sitting directly opposite (in some distance) of the open kitchen, I could see my Fish and Chips was awaiting to be served for at least 3-4 minutes, and I believe a chef noticed my “line of sight”, he looked uncomfortable, guruuuuuuu…..

Good first impression.

Good first impression.

  1. Fish 6/10 Unremarkable.  Batter far too thick.
  2. Chips 5/10, Disappointed result by the effect of triple cooked.  Too much frying made them bloody too hard, too much cooking!!! You need to keep simple.
  3. Mashy peas 5/10.  Dried surface due to sitting under the light while waiting to be served and very stingy portion.

Overall 5.5/10, Bullish pricing which was not justifiable.

Previously one of my many fans commented that I am mad trying to find good fish and chips in pubs.  Now, looking back my previous posts, I am beginning to think I may be trying to find something which does not exist.

stag13But, but but but, I decided to continue my journey.  I am determined.  This can be a long journey but one day, I will be having my perfect fish and chip and cold lager on my hand.  Then you will share my joy!

Good night!

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The Old White Lion, East Finchley, London, N2 0NW, 13 August 2015

Hello my fans, long time no report.  I had a mass craving, yes it was Thursday, a school night but here were are at The Old White Lion.

Hehehe....cheeky pint on school night!

Hehehe….cheeky pint on school night!

Also, cheeky startar....

Also, a cheeky startar….

I absolutely love white baits.  This was £4.75, it was plenty.  I wish more pubs serve this.  I would be the number 1 critic.  I love this simple deep fry, not thickly breaded + deep fried, then beautiful fishy taste is usually disguised.  I guess a lots of people prefer to be disguised.  I come from the country where eating fish deeply rooting the nation.  I absolutely enjoy every bite, from heads to tails, they taste so nutritious, come on Calcium!!!!

No let’s move on to the original subject, Fish and Chips.

Fish & chips £11.50 sustainably caught hake in a cider batter with pea puree, tartare & chip shop chips £11.50

Fish & chips £11.50
sustainably caught hake in a cider batter with pea puree, tartare & chip shop chips £11.50

The White Lion East Finchley

Sorry my fans…. it has been over 2 weeks, I have sort of forgotten.  May be due to the excitement of white baits.

No rate today I am afraid.  I remember that I was not too impressed.  I also remember saying “I forgot how to rate them”.  I have declared myself being “subjective critic” when I started this blog.  Despite, I am reasonable enough not to make up rating.

More critic to follow, with rating! Good night!

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Glastonbury Festival, June 2015

This is a Fish and chips critic special report from Glastonbury 2015.  Being in the UK for the past 23 years but this is my very first Glastonbury.  There are numerous reports from Glastonbury, therefore, I decided to highlight the one aspect.  How big the festival site is by,

“Spot the Fish and Chips Challenge, Glastonbury 2015”

I am determined to spot all fish and chips on the site.  Then I was greeted by:

glastonbury 2015

No….. I am looking for Fish and Chips…..

Found them!

glastonbury 2015

Fish and Chips No. 1: Freshly battered cod and chips £6.50.  A lot of emphasis on cheesy chips, so I noticed.  What is your speciality?  Then pea + chips £4.00 steep!

glastonbury 2015

No.2: Freshly battered atlantic cod fillet served with lemon, chips, tartar sauce £8.00.  Neat van!

glastonbury 2015

No.3: Cod and chips hand buttered fish served with mushy peas, tartar sauce and wedge of lemon £7.00, Good attempt to pretend being at seaside in the middle of Somerset.

glastonbury 2015

No. 4: North sea fresh cod/haddock and chunky chips, mushy peas, slice of lemon & pop £10.00 OR, Fresh cod/haddock £4.50, Chips £3.00.  I don’t want pop, but want mushy peas, etc.  how does this menu works?

glastonbury 2015

No. 5: Fish and chips £7.50. Love the simple language!!!!

glastonbury 2015

No. 6: Fish and Chips, freshly beer battered fish served with golden chips £7.50.  This was very tall shop shame this photo did not capture it.

glastonbury 2015

No. 7: The shop was closed for 1 hour, it was 8pm Thursday, prime time! What were you thinking of!!!

glastonbury 2015

No. 8: Fresh Fish and chips £7.00

I spotted impressive EIGHT fish and chips.  I hope this result portrays how big the site is.  Though according to the on site “The Glastonbury Free Press” newspaper (yes!), there were 513 food stalls at the Festival, selected from a total of over 2,000 trader applications.  If I did spot all fish and chips (I am pretty confident I did) then the presence of Fish and chips is mere 1.6%.  From my impression the biggest presence was PORK, either in pulled pork or hog roast form.  I must confess I did not sample any fish and chips on this occasion.  I was too busy eating other foods from rest of 505 stalls!

On Monday morning, we chatted a stall holder (not fish and chips).  According to him, electricity cost him approx £2,500.  He was near the Pyramid stage. Though he is in the prime location.  However, he told us that trade peaks during performance hours but after the last act it disappears.  Ah! of course!  the area probably be the quietest rest of the night (which never ends).  Also he told us that the first 2 days are usually quiet as people bring lots of own foods….

Nevertheless, 2,000 trader applications told us how desirable to be at Glastonbury.

I cannot rate fish and chips.  But I can rate Glastonbury Festival.  I give my solid 10/10,  What a party, I never knew this world exist,  I wish I was there earlier.  I was missing out big time.  Had been apprehensive about toilet, not be able to wash, mud, etc.  How stupid I was, these things did not matter.  I did not have a shower for whole 6 days while I was there, did not bother me slightest.

All over for now, the food stalls were all packed up by 6pm Monday night (so the trader above told us) until next year….

I will be back Glastonbury!

glastonbury 2015

By the way, I spotted fish finger stall x 2.  I am so not sure about them, we all know fish fingers comes from boxes, a bit cheeky selling as if “special” food….

Click here for the official site

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The Adam and Eve, Mill Hill Village, London, NW7 1RL, 12 June 2015

Hooray! The hottest summer day of the year, nearly 25C in London, I am so enjoying not being cold.  Ah, what a good timing, it is Friday! (TFI Friday, I wish they did not bring this back, even for once, loved the program then, still love Chris Evans, just not a big fun of nostalgia (including re-united ANY old bands!!!! Please, somebody stop them all!!!!).

Anyway, taking advantage of warm evening, here we are at the Adam and Eve, very pleasant beer garden.

Adam & Eve

Double thumbs up! This is a perfect Amstel pint, cold, perfect fizziness + bitterness of beer to take all the stress of work away! Yey!

Well, what a good start.  The only next thing is -> Beer battered fish and chips, mushy peas, tartar sauce, at £10.95, funny, as the website shows 11.95!  I welcome this mistake.

Adam & Eve

NOOOOOOOOO!!! This was the absolute my first impression.

I could not believe what I am seeing.  Now I show you how bad it is.

Adam & Eve

A completely flat fish.

1. Fish 0/10.  This was the absolute worst fish ever presented to me.   The thickness of the fish including batter is approx 0.5cm (0.2inches).  This fish must be frozen.  And it was frozen for ages, it was rancid, freezer burned.  And the batter was gooey.  I ate them all to make sure that I am not wrong.  I had a frozen fish not long ago at my in-laws (Yong’s Chip-shop range, it was actually really good so I had to ask!) .  That was 10 times better.  This is not a joke.  I saw somebody was eating fish and chips as I walked into the pub.  It looked much better.  I suspect they sold out.  Then, they dug old fish out deep from the freezer.  I wish they told me it was sold out.

2. Chips 8/10.  It was freshly cooked.  Very nice.

3. Mushy peas 0/10.  Again, the absolute worst I ever tasted.  No moisture whatsoever.  Texture is like very bad mashed potatoes, not mashed enough, not seasoning enough and very dried.

Overall 1.5/10.  Ah, what a bad outcome after giving us a good start with perfect beer.  We did not see this coming as pub itself seems running really well, good beer, clean (including toilet) and friendly staff.

To make it worse, look at this dessert.  I don’t know why, but I ordered dessert after my fish and chips.  It is a banofee pie.

Adam & Eve

How thick is the crust?

Obviously I could not eat the crust, too thick, too hard, unable to break. I mildly mentioned to the waiter when he came to take the plate away.   I could tell, he knew this, I am sure that I was not the first person mentioned this.

I won’t be back here.

I am often asked where is the best fish and chips in London.  Then, I suddenly realized that I have not had a good experience since I started this very informative blog.  Is this meaning I am particularly having bad luck?

Please somebody tell me where is the best fish and chips serving pub!!!!!  I am willing to travel!!!

Good night!

13. June 2015 by myprice
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The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7AX, 5 June 2015

Hello my fans!  Six weeks of no fish and chips.  I completely forgot about fish and chips.  What was I eating?  Equally cannot remember.  Anyway, it is a good day for the reintroduction as today is “National fish and chips day”.

The Bear and Staff in Leicester Square London - Pint

Ouch!!!! How disappointing.

Actually, we went to Round Table just around the corner prior to this pint, hoping for a good cold pint + fish and chips.  I ordered Beck Vier, one of the safe options.   It was THE WORST pint I ever had, luke warm and completely flat.  Obviously as I always would do, asked for a new pint after one sip.  It was only slight improvement on temperature.  We quietly left, I did not even want to think about food in there.

Here we are at The Bear and Staff,  a few minutes walk from Round Table,  same again, Becks Vier.  Ah, disappointing again, taste very bitter, not like fresh crunch Becks Vier I know.  Also it is served on traditional pint glass rather than fancy promotional tall pint glass.  Quite frankly we are too tired to find an alternative pub again.

Soooo hungry, here, my first fish and chips in 6 weeks, PREMIUM LINE-CAUGHT COD FILLET 11.95 Sourced using sustainable fishing methods. Hand battered in our own Nicholson’s ale with skin on chips, tartare sauce and your choice of garden or classic mushy peas you can even go large for 2.50 (but I did’t).

The Bear and Staff in Leicester Square London - Kitchen

I can see my fish and chips cooking action!

The Bear and Staff in Leicester Square London - Fish & Chips

Obviously frozen fish and chips shape.  Sustainably line caught and frozen.

The Bear and Staff in Leicester Square London - Fish & Chips

At least no sight of naff “grilled lemon”.

1. Fish 5/10.  In fact not as bad as some frozen fish and chips, not as watery and sustained some flavor of fish. I have had worse.  Batter was a bit greasy, could do with a few more minutes of dripping on the paper before serving.
2. Chips 4/10.  Funny texture, not exactly crunchy but not exactly sluggish.  I am frustrated with myself that unable to find right words to describe. This is shame as a critic.
3. Mushy peas 2/10.  Straight from the tin.  I can smell it.

The Bear and Staff in Leicester Square London - Rate Us

Yes I will rate you!

Overall 4/10.  I must say sub-average.  This is really shame as many tourists visit here because of the location.  To be fair, the dining room is nicely decorated and staff were nice.  However, if this was my first visit to the famous British pub, I would be very disappointed, then bitching about how bad British foods are.

In fact, I am actually surprised as often chain pubs (good example, wetherspoons) offer good standard, pricing and consistency of qualities.

Anyway, my first fish and chips in 6 weeks did not end in good note.  But I won’t give up!  Good night!

07. June 2015 by myprice
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Brew Wharf, Vinopolis Plazza, Stoney Street, London, SE1 9AD, 17 April 2015

Happy Friday! Sunny but chilly April Friday evening, time for beers at Brew Wharf, near famous Borough Market.  Serving Meantime beers, rapidly becoming “common” beers in London.  Also, serving steep price but one of the best Fish and Chips in my experience so far, previously scored fantastic 8/10.  Though I should not expecting anything less at £13.95.  Steep, though expectation is high!

Beer Wharf

Beer Battered Fish & Tripled Cooked Chips, Mushy Peas, Tartar Sauce & Dressed Salad £13.95

Beer Wharf

MMMM…. I can see something not quite right straight away.

1. Fish 0/10.  What is this.  I am angry.  This is obviously frozen fish.  I had  This was agreed with my trusted peers.  Shape looked frozen, taste frozen.  Watery, no fravor whatsoever.  No texture of firmness of fresh fish.

Beer Wharf

It was hot, but not able to redeem what is soooo bad.

We all were so shocked, sparked active discussion in how poor the quality is.  Quite frankly I am unable to recall how was chips and/or mushy peas because of this.  I actually could not able to finish them as it was so tasteless despite being so hungry.  Check my previous report, this tells me that there is NO consistency in service.

Overall 0/10 for bad frozen fish and unforgivable price at £13.95.  I will not eat in here again.  People often criticize chain pubs and restaurant but at least they can offer consistency (just like JD Wetherspoon!!!).  Counter argument welcome!

My search for the best fish and chips continues….Good night!

19. April 2015 by myprice
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